It says so on the card





7 responses to “It says so on the card”

  1. anji bee Avatar

    jeez your earplug is big!

  2. Pascal Charest Avatar

    He’s not really an artist. Only try to look like one… saying couple of french word every so often.

  3. Julien Avatar

    What-ever Pascal, let’s not forget you’ve also been labeled.

  4. anji bee Avatar

    you’re also labeled as an “artist” on juleejules.

  5. Pascal Charest Avatar

    But lets be honest together…its 2am (MDT, +2h for montrealers) and Julien has been sleeping for a couple hours. What kind of artist would not “emptying the keg” with follow montrealers.

    Julien’s a fake. 😉

  6. anji bee Avatar

    oh that is sooooo cute, pascal. he’s my kind of artist, then!

  7. amir Avatar

    I see alot of people hatin on him
    down with the haters up with the players
    keep up the awsome work

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