Chilling with Anji

Hey, I hadn’t blogged it yet, but Anji and I talked a little bit ago for a show we put on Sirius. The recording ended up being over an hour, and that’s what I put online. So, you know, be prepared for a hella long recording. 🙂 Here’s the transcript, in case you guys are looking for it.


(Please note: There is no enhanced file for this ‘show’. It’s way too long for me to bother.)



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16 responses to “Chilling with Anji”

  1. esant Avatar

    Dude Really keep that shit going
    you got a gift so fuck it

  2. Chris Avatar

    Loved it. The music was great and just listening to the coversation. Do more

  3. anji bee Avatar

    hey sexy boy. how about putting a link to in yr blog. thnx. 🙂

  4. Julien Avatar

    Well, since you asked so nicely…

  5. jason Avatar

    already said so to anji, but great show. you two work well together. actually, only heard her Chillcast edited version so far, so very excited to check this out in full-length form. thanks for posting this.

  6. anji bee Avatar

    btw jules, did you cut your hair? it looks very short on that twitter pic.

  7. Julien Avatar

    nah, it’s an old picture my friend Vero took.

  8. Hob Avatar

    What? No track listing? What was that last track? I’m sorry, sometimes I can’t translate speech into track names… (major malfunction)

  9. Julien Avatar

    dammit you’re right!!! let me fix that.

  10. Kraze Avatar

    Shit it’s been awhile since I checked your podcast, the chinese song is hilarious. I just came back from Fujian (trekked around the mountains and lived in teh Authentic Hakka houses of the natives there, did a little cultural immersion type shit). The hakka language is interestin, taiwanese is aggrivating, mandarin boring. But that song totally brightened my day man. Big thanks to you n Anji for hittin up the Asian Connection!

  11. nathan Avatar

    omg she sounds fucking hott!

  12. anji bee Avatar

    here’s that tracklisting, hob!

    1. “Black Heart (MoShang’s Soft Centre Remix)” by Kou Chou Ching ‘single’ (2006)

    2. “Love Saviour” by DJ Jazzy Jeff from ‘The Magnificent’ (2002)

    3. “Little White Roses” by Paul & Price from ‘Sounds Like Sex 2’ (2006)

    4. “Third Rock” by Pure Essence from ‘Chrome Children Comp’ (2006)

  13. Rod Adams Avatar


    Never would have thought that you and Anji would be such a good match for a show, but it worked. I guess I should not have been so surprised – I have been enjoying both of your shows for a long time (relative to the lifetime of podcasting, that is).

    I thought it was really cool to be able to tell my wife that I had heard a rap in Mandarin Chinese during my ride home. I think she is finally starting to get why I like the medium so much.

    Also wanted to thank you for the long show. It just happened to match up with a miserable commuting day and lasted just long enough to get me home.

  14. Guido from Boston Avatar

    This episode was long…


    So how do people put art work into their mp3 files?


  15. anji bee Avatar

    seems like kou chou ching was a hit. they’re really happy to have been played on the podcast.

    guido: with itunes, you just drag and drop the artwork into a little artwork box. simple shit. i just forget to do it sometimes when i’m anxious to upload my show.

    i’m looking forward to my next conversation with jules.

  16. […] Looks like it’s been a month to the day that I proclaimed my love for Julien Smith, and I stand by that claim. In face, I love him more with every passing podcast, blog entry, and – now – Flickr photo! Rowr… Seriously, though, what an amazing guy. I had no idea who I was talking to last month, but having followed up on my glib pledge to be the charter member of his cult following, well, I am truly smitten. Lately he’s been talking about how he hesitates to promote In Over Your Head as a Hip Hop music show because people are apparently close minded about the genre. That is really too bad, because not only does Jules offer more than a mere music podcast, underground Hip Hop has more to offer than the potential listener might suppose, particularly when it is selected by the knowledgeable and socio-politically conscious Jules. Oh! And he actually does play more than Hip Hop from time to time, including some very hip Electro tunes. So if you haven’t yet, go check his shit out! tags: Julien Smith, In Over Your Head, Hip Hop, PodShow   […]

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