Flushing this enhanced podcast thing

And yeah, I know, I know; but I just can’t handle it anymore.

I learned a long time ago that if you make promises, you really need to keep them. With the enhanced podcast option, I was not delivering on the promise I had made. It has been consistently late since the day I started doing it, occasionally by a week or more. I now realize this is unacceptable.

As such, the enhanced feed has been pretty much wiped out as an option for subscribers. I’ve got other stuff to do than to add pictures to a show, the focus of which should really be content. So from now on, it’s about content. No more pictures, other than on the website.

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4 responses to “Flushing this enhanced podcast thing”

  1. Hob Avatar

    mmmmmmm…. can we at least keep the chapters? I like to know at a glance what music is playing…!

  2. Guy David Avatar

    This is going to be a great opportunity to listen to those old episodes again.

    Don’t forget to put a message about it on the enhanced feed so that people would know they need to subscribe to that other feed.

  3. anji bee Avatar

    dude. i totally hear ya. i axed mine a couple weeks ago. too much extra work!

  4. chris Avatar

    i hate you. my life has ended now thanks to lack of enhanced.

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