This video is absolutely insane

WARNING: This video is disturbing.

Chris Penn of the Financial Aid Podcast points us to a video of a UCLA cop tasering a student for what appears to be no reason at all. Please go visit his blog and add your comments there, this needs to be discussed.





12 responses to “This video is absolutely insane”

  1. Rob McDougall Avatar

    That is truly fucked up. Thanks for pointing it out though.

  2. Cache Avatar

    It seems like no one ever belives me but if this shit happened and I was standing right there, I’d punch a cop in
    the fucking face fucking FUCK this shit makes me sick to my stomach… stupid fucking cops

  3. Cache Avatar

    realisticly though I’d go with the video feed(if I had it) straight to the media

  4. Where Is America Heading To .com Avatar

    I was truly shocked about the video and see that a lot of people in youtube were downplaying this incident so I stayed up the whole night creating a website for this and even registered a domain. Please visit to vote and express your opinion. We have to do something.

  5. anji bee Avatar

    i saw this on the news last night here in california. it’s being investigated now. i guess cell phone cameras have proven to be helpful tools for community watchdogs and not just frivolous paparazzi bullshit after all.

  6. Jason Avatar

    I hesitate to comment on the “right or wrong” nature of this situation, as like many of you I don’t have all the facts. I will say that the video is disturbing, but not so much because of the content, but because it’s very poorly filmed. Why is it that we can find the Rodney King beating in HDTV, and here we have a room full of students with camera phones that can’t seem to get a clear look at the action. Bad cinematography is what this boils down to, and if you ask me, that’s the real crime in progress.

    As far who deserves what, it’s difficult to say. Hating cops on principle is classic reactionary mob mentality. We just love our fucking underdogs don’t we. Poor student guy with handcuffs that just wanted to protest peacefully (or whatever), fucking cops that just abuse their power.

    I’ll agree that the group paralysis thing is disgusting, but what did you expect? These are the same people who stand in a circle and cheer behind school when two guys are kicking the shit out of each other. The same people that sit there in the subway with their fucking iPods while a pregnant women lean against the doors with their shopping bags.

    Society blows, let’s deal with it.

  7. JonasParker Avatar


    I agree with you. It’s impossible for me to say what was happening in this video. Why were the cops there? What did he do initially to make them taser him, if anything? Remember, from this TERRIBLE video, it only APPEARS that he was tasered for no reason. But the facts are not at all clear, at least not yet.

  8. Cache Avatar

    Jason you make a good point you really do,

    but it seems to me that if something were as wrong as it needed to be for them to taze the guy several time’s that people in the big group would have been talking about it….does anyone even know what the guy did???

  9. Giovanni Gallucci Avatar

    What the guy “did” was refuse to identify himself in a computer lab at a state run university. The cops asked for his school ID and he refused. They then told him…oh, like 27 times to stand up or he’d be tazered and he refused. Note to self: 1) if a cop asks you for something simple like your ID…be a sport and let them see it; 2) if a cop says “stand up or you’ll get tazered”…you might want to stand up.

    Once the guy refused to show his ID, he was tresspassing. The cops were trying to remove him but he chose to make his body go limp instead of cooperating. The guy is a moron IMHO.

    Everyone who is jumping on the “YouTUbe Tazer Torture Video “bandwagon may be well served to do more than ONLY look at a 7 minute video from a cell phone.

  10. paul Avatar

    So, this guy is on campus property, he has no ID, when asked to provide he claims he doesn’t have, he refuses to comply with the cops, and then, when he’s asked to leave, he refuses to to do that as well?

    Lets be clear here, if this guy wanted, he could have sorted the whole mess out in less than five minutes, but he didn’t. He wanted the drama, he wanted a chance for a little excitement. Now, whether or not this stems from his bi-polar condition, or the fact he’s just another attention seeker is up for debate.

    You want my opinion, this guy is an asshole, with an agenda. He broke the rules, he got called on it, and then, rather than accept it , he acted like a giant fucking retarded baby and he paid the price. Personally, I hate assholes like this guy, harping on about their civil liberties, will breaking the rules that protect them.

  11. Whit Avatar

    Regardless of the conditions of the scenario, the officers present were lucky that a riot didn’t break out, threatening both their lives, and the lives of the students in the vicinity.

    I’ve noticed that cops don’t really have any problems hauling someone’s ass out of a place if they refuse to cooperate, WITHOUT using a taser or weapon. Their poor way of handling the situation not only makes having such safety rules worthless, they cause additional problems. These incidents cause both disrespect and rebellion against law enforcement, something that makes their jobs more difficult.

    My point, those officers should be submitted to re-training or dismissal. I have a great respect for law enforcement officers, as they are only doing their jobs. But officers with all the right intentions, but no such rational to deal with a situation properly are a liability. I know I certainly would not want them making my job harder.

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