For every girl

From CrimeThInc:

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3 responses to “For every girl”

  1. Moses Avatar

    Right the fuck on.

    I’ve lived most of the black text, even the bit about the E-Z Bake Oven. Fucked up too many relationships trying to act like the strong silent type, as men are “supposed to be.” Fucked myself up too many times being scared of women because men are “supposed to be” rapists. I didn’t want to be a rapist, I especially wanted not to rape someone close to me, but statistics don’t lie, right? I’m doomed, right?
    Heavy things for a little boy to come to terms with; no wonder I was terrified of getting close to girls.

    Fuck stereotypes. Fuck them right in the ear. People tend to live up to the way you treat them, and if you treat people like stereotypes, they’re either going to live up to it, or they’re going to fight you, and neither is gonna be pretty.

  2. Julien Avatar

    Moses: Congratulations on being the only guy with the balls to comment about this.

  3. Bitcloud Avatar

    I saw this as a poster in my friends apartment about 2 years ago…

    I thought then, and still think it’s totally true. I think the “brave face” that men put on is just that… a facade… people fall into their own definitions of themselves, and looking for, or subscribing to a prepackaged identity is the biggest weakness…

    Women fall into their own “distress” stereotypes as men “embolden”… then we’ve got stupid things like “certainty” and “resolve”… men all out manning each other by not being “weak” in wanting to avoid war… It’s just another dogma, like any other..

    gah! ey what was the last track on “objects coated in sin”?
    “damnit son I think its time we had a little man to man talkin”?

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