Free “du Parc” stickers available

The following offer is real.

Considering the following news about Parc Avenue, I am making 25 “du Parc” stickers available to anyone that gives me their address. I will pay shipping and cost of printing for any sticker requests that are sent to me. Put your address in the comments, and they’re yours. Yes, for real.

La décision a été prise. La rue sera renommée avenue Robert Bourassa. J’offre donc 25 collants “du Parc”à n’importe qui qui m’envoie leur adresse. Je défrayerai le coût pour les imprimer et les envoyer. Laissez votre adresse dans les commentaires ci-dessous, et je vous les envoie. Oui, vraiment.





47 responses to “Free “du Parc” stickers available”

  1. adam Avatar

    i’ll take one of those
    4043 Valente Court
    Lafayette CA 94549

  2. Rob McDougall Avatar

    That story’s so stupid. What are they going to rename it? Why bother?! The amount of hassle for the shopkeepers, and the amount of money to change signage etc… Haven’t we got better things to be putting money into?

    and whilst I never turn down a free lunch, 25 stickers saying du Parc will do an englishman no good!!

  3. Dillon Avatar

    I don’t live in Canada, but I’ll take a sticker. I’m not trying to post my address on the site, but I’ll e-mail it to you.

  4. Olivier Avatar

    5810 Av Du Parc
    Montreal, QC
    H2V 4H3

  5. Hugh Avatar

    make it 50, I’ll pay for the second batch. and i’ll take one while i’m at it.

  6. […] In the mean time, before you vote them out of office, why not get some nice stickers to tell em what a bunch of wankers they are? Free “du Parc” Stickers here. Well done, Julien. Fight the power. […]

  7. reuben Avatar

    4433 Hotel de Ville #11
    Montreal QC H2W 2H6

  8. Doudou Avatar

    8105A Casgrain
    H2P 2K6

  9. Nikolaos Karabineris Avatar
    Nikolaos Karabineris

    Have the stickers say “SAVE PARK AVENUE”

    Nikolaos Karabineris
    6089 Park Avenue
    Montreal, QC H2V 4H4
    Canada (514) 274-1965

  10. KIILLA CAM Avatar

    everyone that posted your address
    i am comin over you house for a visit


  11. Carl J. Maltese Avatar

    Carl J. Maltese,
    1331 South Maple Street, Apt. A-28,
    Sioux City, Iowa, USA, 51106-2083.

    Greetings from THE most boring state in the Union. Bordom drives a man to do strange things, like surf the ‘web and look for free stickers to send away for. Please send me one (or two, if possible/feasable) and I’ll add it to my (growing) collection of stickers.
    Thank You.

    Oh, by the way, the official State Motto of Iowa is:
    “Iowa. You have to drive through us sooner or later!”


  12. Robert Bourassa Avatar
    Robert Bourassa

    J’en prends une s.v.p., mais seulement en français.

  13. Bree Iacuzzo Avatar
    Bree Iacuzzo

    You know what would be cool..
    if you sent me stickers.

    9 Dunoon Court
    Karana Downs

  14. Cathy Couture Avatar
    Cathy Couture

    Cathy Couture 210 rue bilodeau Ste-Marie de beauce Québec g6e2s1

  15. Cathy Couture Avatar
    Cathy Couture

    J’aimerais en français moi aussi

  16. Pamela R Hockett Avatar
    Pamela R Hockett

    I would so love some stickers . Pamela Hockett po box 47 Hepler KS. 66746. Thank you ever so much.

  17. Joann Farid Avatar
    Joann Farid

    10422 Howell Lane
    Tickfaw, La 70466

  18. Joann Farid Avatar
    Joann Farid

    Thank you
    10422 Howell Lane
    Tickfaw, La 70466

  19. Wendy Owen Avatar

    7315 Antietam Lane
    Murfreesboro, TN 37130

    Thank you! That’s very generous of you!

  20. Ryan Gustafson Avatar

    I would Love one!
    1715 Rattlesnake Dr.
    Missoula, Montana 59802

  21. JUDY MRRIS Avatar


    MORRISTOWN, TN 37813-3075

  22. Russell Andreas Avatar
    Russell Andreas

    460W Wadsworth Hall
    1703 Townsend Drive
    Houghton, MI 49931


  23. Kathy Miller Avatar
    Kathy Miller

    I need Parc Avenue stickers; please send to:

    2135 Elm Trace St
    Austintown OH 44515

  24. michelle tang Avatar
    michelle tang

    1471 galveston st
    la, ca 90026

  25. Thomas S McCabe Avatar
    Thomas S McCabe

    Thomas S McCabe
    235 Frazer Ave
    Portage PA 15946

  26. Kasey Eaton Avatar
    Kasey Eaton

    2864 W 8200 S
    W Jordan, Utah 84088

  27. blake tommerdahl Avatar

    really would like some stickers, thanks blake.

    blake tommerdahl
    306 n. burlington ave.
    fergus falls, mn. 56537

  28. Yvette Perez Avatar
    Yvette Perez

    I would like one of those stickers.
    Yvette Perez
    1 Brookside Ave. A202
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

  29. C. Hine Avatar
    C. Hine

    I would like some stickers too. thanks.

    C. Hine
    8350 Trumbull St.
    Skokie, Illinois 60076
    United States

  30. Amy Cook Avatar

    109 bright leaf drive clayton nc 27520

  31. Noor Nahas Avatar
    Noor Nahas

    11900 metric blvd #J129
    Austin, Texas

  32. Phyllis Hunt Avatar
    Phyllis Hunt

    Hi, I’d like a pack of your stickers
    Phyllis Hunt
    291 Alabaster Drive
    Apt D48
    Dothan, AL 36301
    thank you

  33. mo frazier Avatar
    mo frazier

    i will give you my addy thur e-mail

  34. Trina NGUYEN Avatar

    I want one please.
    T. Nguyen
    3551 peak Dr.
    San Jose, CA

  35. Sam Hook Avatar
    Sam Hook

    4309 Hartwick rd Apt C
    College Park Md 20740

    Thanks for the stickers.

  36. Gina Avatar

    I would love sum of ur stickers sent to me
    Gina Dobran
    4-105 Roslyn rd.
    Winnipeg, MB, Canada
    R3L 0G1

  37. samacdonald Avatar

    19 highland ave suite 3911
    plymouth new hampshire


  38. anna Avatar

    i’ll take some of those please:
    18 dickens
    san carlos, CA 94070

  39. justin Avatar

    I live in the states and love stickers.

    please send to:

    justin johnson
    11445 long bow ct.
    lusby, md 20657


  40. Michael Avatar

    michael zaleta
    610 huntington ave
    boston, ma 02115

  41. Virginia Avatar

    too late?

    Virginia Zapico
    Iribarne 158
    Rojas – CP 2705
    Buenos Aires

  42. Steph Avatar

    would love one!

    5872 Chagall Cr.
    Roanoke, VA 24018

  43. tigritigr Avatar

    here’s mine:

    e. gyulavari
    kiss janos alt. 26, 3/20

  44. Paul Buss Avatar
    Paul Buss

    Here’s Mine…

    Paul Buss
    134 Magothy Beach Road


  45. victor Avatar

    4450 old stage road
    chuckey tenneessee

  46. bree iacuzzo Avatar
    bree iacuzzo

    remove me

  47. Meredith Reuter Avatar

    If this is still available, count me in!

    Meredith Reuter
    4525 W. 57th St. N
    Wichita, KS



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