Don’t make me buy this for myself

Holy shit is this fucking hot.





5 responses to “Don’t make me buy this for myself”

  1. anji bee Avatar

    trying to get your fans to buy you xmas gifts? tsk tsk…

    have you started your secret sugar daddy podcast feed yet? ha!

  2. jason Avatar

    yeah, kid robot came through on this one. that’s gonna make for a lovely collectible item – right up there with the biz markie and flavor flav talking alarm clocks…

  3. René Avatar

    Hey there!

    Just so you know… Your interview will be featured on the show next Tuesday (December 19) and will be on my blog the evening of that same day. 🙂

  4. Dave LaMorte Avatar

    It’s not a home until you have your very own MF Doom action figure.

  5. Lucidik Avatar

    Mf dooooooooooooom !!!!

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