We’re not doing the awkward coffee thing

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Notes from being at a homeless shelter for a week, meeting the ex-girlfriend for the first time, and having no show notes whatsoever. Also, I literally end the podcast with 30 seconds of ‘blah blah blah’. Yes, really.

Since We Last Spoke
  • RJD2 – Iced Lightning
  • Jaylib – Nasty McFilth feat. Frank N Dank
  • Jedi Mind Tricks – Omnicron feat. Apathy and Sun Pharaoh



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7 responses to “We’re not doing the awkward coffee thing”

  1. Rob McDougall Avatar

    Can’t go wrong with RJD2!

    Will listen after deadlines…

  2. C.C. Chapman Avatar

    Dude, that first track was amazing. I’m listening to it again to enjoy the groove.

  3. Nathan Avatar

    Might be time to make a new intro song?

  4. jason Avatar

    have you ever seen the video for Nasty McFilth? it’s probably one of the first high-end videos out of the Stones Throw camp. at a strip club with girls on poles, but it’s not as glossy as videos of the same ilk from the mainstream end of things. there’s something about it that’s a little off. at any rate, the beat on that song is just crazy.

    yeah, i didn’t think i’d like karaoke, either. a good friend of mine throws a karaoke birthday party every year. my wife’s the songbird, so when we’re there i know she’ll belt out the tunes. last year, wifey and friends talked me into doing it. my selections were…

    digital underground – “the humpty dance”
    happy mondays – “kinky afro”
    the time – “jungle love”

    never did get around to doing radiohead’s “optimistic,” but i suppose that is rather ambitious for a non-singer. i’ll get my thom yorke on someday, though…

  5. Dave Boob Avatar

    Hey Julien:
    First time commenter, long time listener (since PAB anyway). I really enjoyed hearing about your adventures at that old church.

    My crew and I use to run around an abandoned old brick yard in Toronto called the Brickworks.

    Check this shot out: http://wvs.topleftpixel.com/05/12/14/

    Cheers man! Keep up the great show.
    See ya at PAB.

  6. Brian Crosbie Avatar
    Brian Crosbie

    Dude you are high-larious. Great podcast.

    Vancouver, BC

  7. Brian Crosbie Avatar
    Brian Crosbie

    PS – Please don’t spam me.

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