When is a podcast not a podcast


I walked around the city the other day, testing my new Microtrack 24/96, and decided to make show out of it. It was put on Sirius last Friday – I can just imagine what regular listeners were thinking.

Here’s the file.





5 responses to “When is a podcast not a podcast”

  1. anji bee Avatar

    it nice to hear you being you, jules. be angry when you’re angry, of course, but why force it when you’re not?

    have a good holiday, sweetie!

  2. […] This reminds me of something Julien spoke of in his latest podcast. He said that we each can be our own channel through podcasts, vidcasts, blogs, etc. I think that’s what I’ve become since I gathered my various feeds into the one site. If you’re into me and my content, you can pretty much tune into anjibee.com every day to see what’s new. And I’ll certainly be looking for ways to expand on my site’s concept next year, as I only just created it — what, 3 months ago? tags: PodShow, Julien Smith, New Year’s   […]

  3. jason Avatar

    aw man, you got a Microtrack, too?!? i remember alex getting his a few months back. i’ve been salivating over that for a while, but it’s outta my price range. however, i did recently get the m-audio nova microphone for my home setup. very happy with it.

    never mind the people walking past you wondering what you’re doing while you’re recording out in public. why? because people on hands-free cell phones do it all the time and you can never tell if they’re talking to themselves or not. it’s only until you’re right up on top of them that you notice the earpiece or whatever. used to be that i could actually tell the crazy people from the sane ones in new york. and now, thanks to hands-free cell phones, i totally can’t…

  4. [insert clever name] Avatar

    Yo, Julien’s got podcasting bling!

  5. Pete Avatar

    Hey Julien,

    So what do you think of the microtrack, is it a keeper? Sound quality in your podcast was pretty sweet with it.

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