For every comment, $1 to charity

This Christmas, is giving to charity on your behalf, for free. Post a comment here, encourage others to do the same. For every comment, they’ll donate a dollar. Yes, really.

Update: In addition, for every comment on this post, I’ll also donate a dollar, myself. So post here and there, you just gave two bucks. Add this one, and you’ve given three.





18 responses to “For every comment, $1 to charity”

  1. C.C. Chapman Avatar

    Hell yes dude! Good stuff indeed!

  2. Ben Yoskovitz Avatar

    Julien – thanks for the support, it’s appreciated!

    I hope you get a 1,000,000 comments here…well, and 1,000,000 comment wishes at GIFTER.ORG too, of course.

    The project’s been a blast and we hope to see more people like yourself rally to the cause and help get 1,000,000 wishes. Spread the word, tell your friends and keep on checking the wishes and blog for news, updates and requests for feedback once we ask for more community help!

    Happy holidays…

  3. hugh Avatar

    how many times can I comment here?

  4. Mat Avatar

    Kind of you man!

    Merry Christmas.


  5. jpb Avatar

    Pour un dollars, ça vaut la peine.
    Je félicite ta générosité, Julien!
    Lâche pas le bon travail


  6. Andrew Fulks Avatar

    Dude J. This is awesome heres a buck! Who is it going to?

  7. Joel Avatar

    Hell yes! An awesome idea.

    Merry Xmas Julien!

  8. Steven Mansour Avatar


    Very awesome. Thank you for doing this.

    I’m jumping into the fray also: Your comment on this post = $1 or $1.50 to charity.

  9. Justin Avatar

    Wow what a great idea of Gifter and you to get involved and do this, and so much easier than stopping at that little red can outside with the ringing bell.

    Merry Christmas.

  10. élizita Avatar

    thanks to Stevo I just found out about this and find it a great initiative!

    Happy holidays!


  11. vieux bandit Avatar

    Great initiative. Kudos.

  12. […] Now Julien & Steve are doing the same (so go leave a comment here, here, here, and here and $4 will be committed to charity). Why don’t all of you who read this, who have a blog, do the same again, and we’ll see how much all of us can commit to giving…(and note this should be in addition to whatever you were planning to give this year). […]

  13. Neil Gorman Avatar

    Hey Julien,

    I really dig what your doing here.


  14. anji bee Avatar

    my wish is that julien would release another episode of in over your head. 😛

  15. newt Avatar

    Word Julien! Merry Xmas

  16. […] John Yancey, Common, Black Thought, Will.I.Am, etc. do J Dilla’s Won’t Do. I’d embed that shit but I can’t stop it from autoplaying. Video’s awesome though. And by the way, just like on this one, I will donate a dollar to charity for each comment on this post. […]

  17. Steph Avatar

    Hey Julien

    Just wanted to get that extra dollar in there. Thanks for all your blogging tips- it’s helped!

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