Why to fear white kids

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Dear suburbanites: Do not fear black people. Fear your own white children.

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89 responses to “Why to fear white kids”

  1. DHP Avatar

    White people terrify me.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    And people wonder what Nas means when he says Hip Hop Is Dead. But then again, corporations are selling & marketing to those who can afford it, unfortunately.

  3. C.C. Chapman Avatar

    I know the type of kids you are talking about. They come in every color, shape and size and all drive me nuts.

    I make sure every day that my kids never grow up to be “those kids”

  4. DHP Avatar

    No, fuck rich white motherfucker. Though I may have a healthy respect for the power of affluence, as a person who has always been poor I do not fear rich white people. Those people are lazy, apathetic, and uninspired. Fuck them. I will destroy rich white people. Fuck rich people, and fuck the middle-class. Bring the revolution; what do poor people have to lose? Nothing, thus we have no fear. I may be a white dude, but fuck white dudes.

    1. adam Avatar

      withought white people you would be living in africa killing a animal with a stick im not saying that slavery isnt really fucked up but you dont know shit. white people have been enslaved before read a history book. i would also like to point out that not everyone is rich to begin with they are those who work there asses of for it and so do the middle class. there are rich black people you know. just because your poor doesnt mean its anyones fault besides your own. stop blaming others and do something with your fucking life. if you dont like living in america go back to africa and be way poorer then you are now if not shut up and get on with your life you ingnorant fuck

      1. Angeleka Avatar

        Standing ovation guys!

        This is the most hilarious display of ignorance…on the subject of ignorance! I’m like, crying with laughter. I even gave myself a few more minutes to applaud this nonsense. Let’s focus on one small minor detail, but just one ok!?!? The first writer clearly ends that inspiring rant with “I may be a white dude”. Then, the first to respond goes on to encourage his poor african ass to “go back to Africa, hunt lions, and be poorererer!” I guess in America we are all pretty african amirite? Guys?

        I just can’t with myself!! If only I weren’t a year or so late to the Internet thing they call Internet where you can say whatever the hell you want, and poof it’s in the magic box.

        Also, as I am writing to you from the future… Most people (oh you know globally) reference culture or nationality, rather than simply complexion.. So now instead of being black or in the case of you two, white (sort of maybe, ummm eff it) you would be considered just two dumb ass AMERICANS.

        As a female african, irish, dutch, Native American urbanite who is super adorable, and can’t spear a fish with a stick for shit…can you help me find out where I need to go back to? I’ve had it here!

    2. Rocky Colson Avatar

      I am sick of people who are too stupid to earn a living vilifying those who are responsible. If a black man wants to earn a good living he is able to do so, unless he is too stupid or too lazy to do so. The only people who are worse than lazy blacks are uneducated whites. There is nothing worse than a stupid white woman or man.

      1. britt Avatar

        wow its becoming basically impossible to “climb up” from poverty, as college tuition is on the rise, and its not like children of the “projects” can kick start a business and easily create an income for themselves ………

  5. DHP Avatar

    And while I’m ranting, America needs:

    1.) Socialized heath care
    2.) Socialized higher education
    3.) Socialized media

    1. Rocky Colson Avatar

      America is the land of opportunity. If an idiot wants more than this, they want it handed to them.

  6. d.james Avatar

    they are so annoying they never shut up.they act like lil white bitches

  7. JXBuddha Avatar

    Sit down. Wait. You will want to get up. Don’t. Wait some more. You will want to get up again. Wait. It will pass. Wait a little longer. You will want to get up. Don’t do it. You are just waiting. You’re almost there. There is no “reason” for your waiting. Only “reason” to get up.

    Humans, if you cannot stay seated… Fear yourself, not your kids.

  8. ad Avatar

    you all are retards…….go read a science book

  9. pissed off Avatar
    pissed off

    what the fuck is wrong with you people! you’re all racist fuckers! you can’t put everyone into categories like that! jesus Christ i don’t even know where to start so im not going to bother

  10. wille Avatar

    the white devil mad it haard for black people so fuck them all

    1. Rocky Colson Avatar

      The white God has made it possible for people not to live in povety if this is what they choose.

  11. wille Avatar

    white people can go to hell and burn. then they will look just like us.


    1. Rocky Colson Avatar

      I cannot find one single verse in the Bible where God promises to burn people for eternity.

  12. Mr. Whitefeet Avatar
    Mr. Whitefeet

    I’m black and I hate every single goddamn nigger on earth including myself. Y’all stupid as fuck.

  13. Jenn Avatar

    Give the racist shit a rest, people. Every race has fucked with someone at some point in history. You think white people have never been slaves, or victims of genocide? Read a history book and blame the worlds problems on human attitudes. For the record, there are poor white people, too.

  14. JerryJackson Avatar

    Lol being white sucks too.

    1. Rocky Colson Avatar

      Lol being ignorant sucks even worse doesn’t it dude?

  15. adam Avatar

    Yeah, being white is very much overrated.

    1. Rocky Colson Avatar

      I enjoy it immensely.

  16. pk Avatar

    Is this real? Damn that 5th amendment, all it does is bring out the idiots! I’ve got a news flash for all the blacks that hate whites and/or America…YOU’RE NOT SLAVES ANY MORE! You’re FREE to go back to your prosperous, peace-loving country. Oh wait, that means you’d have to be poor and guess what else? You’d probably be someones slave over there! The whites are the ones who did away with slavery, it’s our fellow brothers who still have slaves. You need to get over feeling sorry for yourselves and start realizing that you live in the best country there is. While you’re at it, maybe you should think of all the reasons you LOVE white people, that should keep you busy for a while!

  17. Humans!!!! Avatar

    White people are born with rcist gene and they will die with the bad gene….They can also pass it on to their children…


  18. Whitey Avatar

    Blame whitey for all your problems
    Play that race card…you have your cakeand eat it too

  19. E-Money Avatar

    haha i love white people. and im black. :]

  20. E-Money Avatar

    i love kwantisha because she is white. and i am black.

  21. E-Money Avatar

    i love kwantisha because she is white.
    BLACK POWER!!!!! :0

  22. E-Money Avatar

    we goin fight fo real.

  23. Stupidest Person On Earth Avatar
    Stupidest Person On Earth

    i like the color black. BECAUSE I AM!

    ya hear!?

  24. Blackpower Avatar

    What is wrong with everbody? You guys need to grow up. you can’t put everyone into categories like that. Thats low. Those of you who say your ‘black’ but happen to also insult black aren’t really black. No black person is gonna diss there own race like that. Blacks have done alot for white people. And white have done the same. America would be nothin without black people. Those who hate white people who hate blacks shopuld remember that your race is the ones that brought black on the ships and treated them like shit cause your lazy asses wanted someone else to do the work for you. As for black I got respect for you guys cause you dont see as many racist black people as you do for white. Personally I think most of you are bein to judgmental and think of how you would feel in blacks shoes with all you racist asses out there. Just frickin grow up god. Get a frickin life.

  25. meee Avatar

    all i have to say is that im white and i love black people. :] so all of you grow the fuck up!

  26. eatacracker Avatar

    way to start a riot! this is so ridiculous, you’ve been watching way too much boondocks and listening to much dead pres. You jackasses really wanna revolution? People really die in them shits. If you want to hate someone hate yourself for being stupid enough to respond to some something like this.

    Another thing, MLK didn’t fighting for black peoples rights to see them turn around and act like the fucks that enslaved them. freedom aint free act like you got some sense…

  27. andy Avatar

    i’m just pissed abouy having a little white irish penis

  28. […] Inexplicably, for the past two months or so, people have been stopping by a particular page of my blog and leaving crazy, racist comments. The most recent one is leading me to talk about it, because it’s really insane (I haven’t published it, of course): This a a bunch of BS anyway. The blacks blame the white people that we are against them but if they would really realize that they cause most of the problems in this world. For instance, just look at the jail system today 70% of the people that are in jail is black. Who’s fault is that? Oh let me guess the white people. Everyday we have to hear about some poor N****R that clams that there rights have been violated or that they did not get that promotion at work […] […]

  29. wrong Avatar

    Are people aggravated because they suck at life and need to blame white people? guess so…you can always tell who are the fools, the same ones who look to blame people for their problems. Grow up! We all know people don’t act the same I think you guys should pick up a book and read about a man named Martin Luther King Jr. The filth of America defines others

  30. Arone WP Avatar
    Arone WP

    If it wasn’t for those stupid white kids, who buy that crap. Rap would be dead! Along with most of the ignorant rappers who make the shit up. So you fucks should be thanking the ” Rich white kids” for supporting your; shitty, talentless, monkey jive, you call music! Rap gives music a bad name!!
    Long live rock n roll!!!

  31. Gettin mad Avatar

    I think everyone on this website should get a life. It doesn’t really matter what race you are. Because most if not all of us are Americans so it really doesn’t matter. Blacks are good at a lot of things yeah. I mean just look at basketball, or football. Those are mostly black players who play the sport. But also there are a lot of good white sports players. You can’t really say one race is better than another. Cause no one really knows. Its just a bunch of stuck up people who think there race is more superior than any other. But that’s just an opinion. And everyone is entitled to there own opinion.


  32. kanibal Avatar

    Yeah man I couldn’t agree more. Fear whitey.

  33. starzero Avatar

    skimmed most of these. i’m not concerned with the original argument or point. i don’t like categories, so i try to treat individuals as such. every group has exceptions. every group has good and bad.

    there is a solution to all of this, but humans are too vain and proud to make it work. we have no unity, and that is our failing.

  34. Sketchie Avatar

    I’m black.

    When I look at someone’s skin, it’s just gives me a clue about their culture. That’s it. I don’t think any higher or less of anyone because of their race.

    I couldn’t possibly think of any reason why I’d dislike someone because of their race. All racists should just go on a fucking boat to the Arctic and die on melting glaciers with the polar bears.

  35. chip Avatar

    Black and brown people should feel lucky that they are
    in a white run country.The success of a country has a
    direct connection with the average IQ of its population.
    To prove that you can look at all of the black majority countrys they are all very poor, brown countrys higher IQ poor, white majority countrys rich ,High IQ
    Northern asian capitalist countrys rich ,Highest IQ
    It is what it is”If the USA does not put a stop to
    immigration, we will end up as another third rate poor nation. I am sad for the future of my country.
    full of lower IQ people.

  36. master whenka Avatar
    master whenka

    HEY ARONE WP! LONG LIVE ROCK N ROLL? Moron, do some research to who actually invented rock n roll, u would be suprised idiot, it aint ELVIS. And this is 4 all the white bitches out there: YOUR RACE IS DYIN TIC TOC ALBINO BUSTARDS
    Low IQ? maths, science, medecine, astronomy, writing, SPEECH, architecture ALL HAVE IT’S ROOTS IN AFRICA BABY!

  37. catty Avatar

    Huh, put it which ever way you want but when it gets down to the nitty gritty we are all the same. Think about it what happen when 911 happened. All of a sudden we became united. So what do you think will happen if that situation occurs again. We’ve never had a war in our own back yard. What are you going to do then. Also discovered that all the races came out of Africa. So maybe that’s where God started life and not the middle east like many people think. Cultures are different and everyone has a right to an opinion. If you like yourself, hate yourself, hate blacks, hate whites, hate hispanics then that’s your purogative. All the cursing and heckling will not help you a bit. It may strike a nerve in some people but hey “Water on a ducks back”. If people feel they need to curse to get their frustrations out then have at it. What we should be concerned with is this planet is being pushed to it’s limits. Disease, famine, war, poverty not to mentioned global warming. Live while you can, life is short and it doesn’t help wasting it over being discontent with another race because it will just make your life worse. Everything is basically out of control. If you really want to be happy in life take control of your own life. Because the race you don’t like is not going away any time soon.

  38. Another_black_dude Avatar

    I don’t know it must hurt bein’ white u know , Brown people are supposed to be black but they don’t want it they made their own race and they hate white people,Black People ain’t no need to explain, asian just got minus penis. so every race hate white people , white people made a lot of trouble in this world there’s no catastrophic shit that happened and white people are clean, killed their own race(jewz),enslaved black people, took Brown’s territory and asian. goddamn it poor bein’ white .

    are u white? stop reading this.

  39. ngoladirtyafrica Avatar

    911 my butt, where is the unity after 911? nada
    forget it if god or other some almighty power out there doesn’t clean up this mess there will never be any unity amongst humans

  40. Retard Killa Avatar
    Retard Killa

    did any of u dumb fucks know that race is just some made up shit…and is just a new idea maybe 500 years old…there is no biologicol proof that race is anything but skin color…if ur white u share damm near the same biloigical code as 90% of ppl in iraq or any were else in the world for that matter…and the same goes for blacks,latinos whoever…flys are way more biolicaly diferent then humans and they look identical so go figure…

  41. tyler Avatar

    got problems with blacks call the kkk got problems with white call the crips,bloods,panthers
    got problems with
    so you see whose least a fight so get your crap right before you say you hate white people cause blacks messed everything up but im wrong john smith messed up when bring yall slaves here and one thing go out back and pick some cotton
    proud white man

  42. white kidd Avatar
    white kidd

    u guys r dumb. u call whites racist? ur the ones makin sites about why to hate white kids! lol i hope u never breed

  43. MJ Avatar

    I used to be black and now I’m white, but I really feel like I should go back to black. Maybe I’ll go Chinese next.
    I have been around white people a long time and have realised they’re all racist

  44. Ski Avatar

    Just give it some time, all should be over soon, we are simply going to disappear. There is no place on Earth left for the White people, there is no place left for us. I won’t say have a good one or wish you all the best, but long after it’s all gone would like to see your faces then. We are on our way out, its ALL yours.

  45. thesun Avatar

    Proud white man,
    You are so ignorant. Bloods, Crips don’t fight whites- they kill themselves. Black panthers aren’t based on an agenda to find & kill whites, Black Panthers exist to protect Blacks from attacks from Whites (KKK, Aryan Nation, etc).

    You cannot compare KKK to the Bloods, Crips, and Black Panthers. KKK has a history of being the initiators of violence against Blacks. They go out and find Blacks to terrorize/murder, they torch Black churches & businesses. Black Panthers don’t go out looking for Whites to terrorize/murder.

  46. thesun Avatar

    To chip:

    You must not study history, because if you did, you would see that Black people (think Egypt, think Kush) had advanced civilizations long before White people existed on Earth. White people are dominating on earth today because of how wicked they are. They stole (land from the Native Americans), killed (anyone who was not White), and used forced labor (Black Slaves) to get to where they are today. Countless inventions that the white man claim he invented were really invented by his Black Slave because the White man was generally too lazy to work- that’s the whole idea behind having a slave. If I were White, I would not be proud to be “standing on top of the world” right now because of all the heinous/wicked things Whites did to get there. That is why America & England is hated by virtually every other nation on the planet.

    1. Neo Avatar

      Good points.

  47. laghinatcha Avatar

    I have NEVER seen so many complete fucking morons in one place!

  48. samantha Avatar

    i think everyone just needs to get alog be happy make fiends

  49. samantha Avatar

    i think white people should go eat a rat!!!!

  50. eric Avatar

    I love rich white blonde bitches because they are sexy.they make my nerves and heart jerk,I long for their hearts in true friendship if they could only give up their ,pre, post, and neo-colonial attitudes. I get alot of goose bumps when I see a bautiful well dressed one that smells pure and original.Just treat me kindly by the inherent grace that the lord bestores in mortal human classic bitch with a souls for kindness.I long for that white Irish, or middle eastern bitch that knows how to treat a man without attitude.cherishes GOD’S Creations.

  51. Dave Avatar

    Hate, ignorance, and violence are characteristics of mankind. History is plagued of people that have committed horrible crimes justified by subjective concepts such as race – from Hitler to Idi Amin humanity has shown its worst traits. On the other side of the coin we have also seen great promoters of peace, social development, and economic growth among all races. To all those who have demonstrated how full of hatred and violence they are, just pick up a book and attend to your own ignorance before attempting to value the worth of another human’s life or heritage.

  52. doesn't matter what my name is Avatar
    doesn’t matter what my name is

    why do the african americans always claim we are racist? doesn’t it prove that since they are always claiming that they are the racist ones? and they bring up the thing about slavery, but that was their ancestors and our ancestors and had nothing to do with us! this is the 21st century, things are different now.

  53. Azn- Not black or white!!! Avatar
    Azn- Not black or white!!!

    People have committed atrocities on both sides. Regardless of race, religion or gender, people are who they are. When you say, “fuck all white people” or something equally offensive, it demonstrates your own ignorance. This ignorance does not help to further your cause or make you look better than a “rich white motherfucker”(DHP). Rather, it represents a poorly educated, unsophisticated hater who has no real goal than to spread hate among people.

    WE all have a tendency to overuse our liberties granted by the Bill of Rights, but rarely do we use it for good reasons. The Founding Fathers wanted us to work towards peace and prosperity and to be able to voice our political opinions free of imprisonment or something equally oppressive. Instead, we use it to say words that are better left not said.

    A great man once said, “Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

    WE should all take this statement to heart and treasure it. There is enough hate in this world without having to instill more over these insignificant matters about race. Whether you’re Anglo-American or African-American we are all Americans and should share a sense of brotherhood rather than hatred for one another.

    DJW, signing off from CA

  54. fuck Avatar

    fuck you willie dont ever talk about black people like that. i will fuck you up racist. bye !

  55. Offthepink Avatar

    ngoladirtyafrica: “Where was the unity after 911?”

    Nowhere. 911 was an attack not on america, but on white americans in general. After all, caucasians are what ALL non-americans see when they think “American”. Not our fight. The top dogs got punched in the nose, now they want to fight. If that was an attack on black america, guess how little action would be put forth to help. We’d have to float to the middle east ourselves on Mr. Clean boxes to kick ass…while being attacked by both iraqi and american military.

  56. A swede Avatar
    A swede

    Why are you talking about races? I mean we’re all homo sapiens sapiens. When we talk elves, dwarves and NEANDERTHAL (Check wikipedia), THEN we’re talking races.

    And while I’m at it, you don’t need to fear white kids and the white population at all, ’cause if we were so evil and rude, there wouldn’t be a single african nor asian in Europe/america.

  57. CRAZY CRACKER Avatar


  58. heya Avatar

    i think that what happened in histoy to many races was terible. But i was not personaly responsible for it no one here was. I think the best thin to do would be to move on.

  59. whitesmustdie Avatar

    i love how whites are so ignorant at history yet can be so fucking pompous about why they’re right about anything when you’re not their skin color. these dumb bitches have been below my boots since i was fucking 13. they don’t even know their gov’t is criminal and has been waging practically unending war since it gained independence! looool. fucking animals.

  60. whitesmustdie Avatar

    9/11 was an inside job you fucking idiots. jesus. how stupid can you fucking be? 2 planes knock down 3 buildings? cover ups by the administration. amassing troops days before the attack. loool. what are we? retarded. OH WAIT. it’s not about blacks, it’s ab out the dumb whites who take 40 years to figure out, OH, my own governmnt killed my president.

  61. Fuck DHP Avatar
    Fuck DHP

    Hey DHP fuck freedom right? if you want thta bull shit move to europe. this is the land of the free mother fucker

  62. Holy racist shit batman Avatar
    Holy racist shit batman

    Poor blacks blaming poor whites for racism. Poor whites blaming poor blacks for taking their crummy jobs away. Rich white people laughing all the way to the bank while you poor fucks fight over the crumbs.

    Go ahead, angry white guy, bitch and moan about affirmative action. Point out the obvious fact that your ancestors weren’t slave owners. Audibly grind your teeth when you see Kanye West or Spike Lee on TV. Vote republican.

    Go ahead, angry black man. Re-recite your litany about slavery, segregation, lynchings and institutionalized racism for the 1000th time. Blame some dumb hick in a pickup truck for oppressing you and your race.

    When the shit goes down, the pricks who have made both of your lives miserable will be just fine in their gated communities while you tear each other apart.

  63. shae Avatar

    Truthfully white people are black the are lighter than us bcause us blacks have melonin( may have spelled it wrong, sorry!)whick gives us our color. Thats also why white people melt and burn in the sunbcause there skin is unprotected the darker the skin the more helpfull to block sun rays from fuckin up the skin.

  64. Eli Avatar

    you guys want talk about fair. especially you white people. lets talk about how cops are always on the look out for a black person to make a mistake. i’ve seen it all. white kids fuck up, it’s just a mental problem. nothing a few therapy setions can’t fix. black kids fuck up and its like christmas. straight to jail. you want reality m- fuckers, watch youtube. its total bullshit. i especially hate when someone says to black people that its all fair, and that working hard will lead to a good life. bullshit. how can we black people build a house if we ain’t got no fucking tools. because you white mother fuckers deny us the tools we need to succeed.

  65. Eli Avatar

    i’d like you white mother fuckers to do a little observation. and really try to sea how easy life is for you. and another thing to add is; i hate it when a white mother fucker tells me that if america is so bad, why don’t we go back to africa. my answer, can i also take all the money and resources you mother fuckers striped from my land. africa is poor because of you white mother fuckers. just consider your selves lucky that you mother fuckers invented guns before us. cause no white guy pound for pound will ever beat a black guy in a fist fight. (without the white guy cheating as they always do). i don’t even have to say anything about girls cuase white girls are all weak. the fatter they are, the weaker they are. one last comment. black people have always (any where in the world) wanted peace and unity amongst everyone. white people think that they are better than everyone. which i just can’t see. we all know asians are smater than yall. and black people are stronger than yall. (watch espn for proof) the only thing you white people have up against the rest of the world are your crazy minds. always willing to do shit that will kill yall. lets talk about fairness. first thing yall white people need to do is keep your mouths shut when yall know that you’re at fault.

  66. Khairi Avatar

    A black man once said, “I’m Rick James bitch” and that may have been the case, but what I’m about to unravel makes the latter completely irrevelant.
    To all of you racist morons who have blogged on this website to belittle another race shows your own idiocy and massive enferiority complex. Sure I thought a lot of white people are crazy, wierd, and evil. Well all I have to say about that is when you meet a cool white person, which I would have to say is pretty rare they are amazing. I have only met one white person who fits this description but if there is one there is still hope for racial equality there is still hope to steer away from the condescending conversations and racial ridicule I hope that we can all live in peace. And Just for the record I hate atleast one perso from every race.

  67. DivineIntervention Avatar

    I don’t know what Black people have to do with the question but it seems there is a lot of black anger on here directly towards White people who do not seem to even be a vocal group on this website. White people made modern technology (coming from a brown man) you will all tolerate and accept this race or be destroyed and thrown out like last years model very simple for you to understand.

    Head Size/IQ
    East Asian (110) White (106) Black (90)

  68. gaetano Avatar

    I am a 66 year old white man.I don`t know how or why I took time to read this site, but I`m here now ,so why not. As far as black or whites fighting over hate,who cares? You are killing each other off. Hatefull blacks and hatefull whites! Neither of you will ever accomplish anything. Both ignorrant sides make the rest of the world,feel good ,because ,we, the smart, the peacefull, the workers , the god fearing,the family caring,and most of all , the believers of the 10 commandments,will always know that boths sides of you poor slobs will destroy yourselves.

  69. White Man Avatar
    White Man



  70. Oreo Avatar

    Hm…I’m in favor of purple people. 🙂 Actually I think it is awesome having all the genetic diversity we have. This planet would be boring if we all looked the same. Mutations can be kind of interesting too. Blue eyes, blond hair, and you know what you can find albinos in all kinds of animals and across all the races of humans. It was kind of cool seeing an albino black person. Oh…oops I’ve gotten a bit side tracked. No race is free of its share of cruelty. However, I wish people wouldn’t sit there ruminating over every past injustice that has been committed by our ancestors. If you are still legitimately being descriminated against based on race, well then that needs to be fought in a civilized manner. What is important is eradicating all the hate of the present. For all those that claim that ALL of one race is racist against some other race, can you please verify that. I’d like you to interview every member of that race and give me the proof. I for one enjoy meeting members of every race and having friends with various cultural backgrounds. They could be Black, Hispanic, East Asian, Indian or Purple and I still wouldn’t hate them on the basis of their race. It’s an individual thing based on personality and character. Now off on another tangent. Let’s hurry up and resolve all this so that we can further our technology enough to colonize other planets. Then we can worry about entirely different problems like planetary take overs and space invasions.

  71. hmm568 Avatar

    well…um..my family is diversed..phillipines,guyanese,jamaican,n white…idk the white ppl in my family always told me that some of the white ppl out there r the real niggas or nigger..however u ppl say it now and days..but just to remind u guys..that all white ppl arent bad..just like all african americans arent bad…people will be people..some times i sit back and shake my head..animals act more civilized then humans at times..I kno God looks down n just ask his self what was i thinkin when i made these fools..not because you people are stupid..But because you let ignorance rule over everything..white ppl have contributed to this country..and black people have also contributed to it…then u got the racist white people on here putting up statistics..about whos in jail and why..like the jails dont have white people in it…but when the white people are in jail…It seems like it always a sympathy for them..lol mention a black man in jail.”o that nigger..fuck those niggers..black people..theyre not anything..never will be..”o lol this is the one i love”niggers..they werent rulers in egypt..they werent anything..egyptians were white..smh no..”lmao rock n roll comes from black people..by the way…church music turned into blues..turned into rock n roll..the music tells a story..lol truth be told as quiet as it is kept..when rock n roll first came out..the white people said…thats that god damned devils music..god damned monkeys makin shit up..lmao..yeaahhhhhhh man….not even gonna get into what they think of other races..lets just put it like this…some white people do indeed think that their race is the best that ever happened to earth…but hey!this america..let them have it..because what comes up must come down..and it will fall apart eventually.because nothin last forever..Nobody likes the truth because it will either 1)blow the cover off their asses or 2)make things more sensible and less complicated..but to the white people who dont discriminate against african americans..Your strong minded..Because you know at the end of the day they are still people..same goes to black people..Takes alot not to discriminate against some white people because of what happened in the past..But you have to remember white people maybe the same color..But their thoughts and heart..arent the same..some of them are caring just like anybody else..smh damn i really wished this whole race thing would go away..but that will never happen..so you have to just live with it i guess..Or take a stand and go against..put up or shut up.

  72. Lopez Avatar

    Everyone race screws each other over the white people didn’t like it in Europe and so they came to america and screwed the indians over just how they were getting screwed back in Europe unfortunately they picked up slaves from Africa by the way all you black people that like to complain about that slavery bullshit how would you like it if all the white people decided to take you all back to Africa where you’d get eatin by a fucking crocodile or some shit it’s terrible there the whites would be all like yeah sorry about that I hope you won’t hold a grudge of course they did though they have every right to sometimes you gotta let go of hate I know I will I’m Mexican that’s who their fucking with now us. P.S. Fuck you porter Ricans and your gayass raggaeton music

  73. Lopez Avatar

    I point the blame at the rich white folk that get richer and richer off the poor while the poor get poorer and poorer if you ask me all this technologys getting to our heads everyone wants more and more and were getting to be greedy lil bitches we can all make a change simply complimenting every now and then

  74. :O Avatar

    hahah holy shit 😀 u ppl are so fuckin racist dat it is actually funny.
    white ppl are so damn spoiled and fuckin annoying and i hate them. Black ppl are just fuckin violent and awesome

    and this comin from an awesome asian

  75. Frenchman Avatar

    Please pick up some books people. Their is no need for all this hatred. Being rich is not a crime. Being poor is not a crime. Being a different color is not a crime. No one is acountable for the actions of another. We are all of the human race. Let the past be just that, the past. World peace is the goal. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

    Also, there is no need to fear any kids! These types of questions provoke “racial” arguments which only help to fuel the fire. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  76. rukahs remix Avatar
    rukahs remix

    i would like to say for the people who dont like rap or hip hop in all fact its the most solded music as of right now rock is falling all rock and metal are about is going completly against nature so they can be diffrent rap and hip hop try to make music for all. Yes there are dumb rap and dumb hip hop but there dumb rock and dumb metal so it all goes together. Also that rock and roll is joining slowly with rap and hip hop so get over it. For all the people yelling about slavery the learders of africa recived money to send there people to america to do dirty work the people excepted on terms to recive money for there work and houseing. So if you want to blame someone blame africa for selling you to the united states of america.Also if your grandparents would have never been brought here then you couldnt have big rims on your ride cause in africa there is none of that unless your filthy rich and u buy from america. Also dosnt that seem like a job in the usa to work for money to be sent or moved to recive money and do dirty jobs for higher pay.dosnt make since to blame white people for slavery because ur leaders of africa sold you do research before you blame. White people are the evilest but to go for that fact. us white people keep u brown and japs from blowing up the world with nucs. completely taking over the world because your jelous we have north america and for the rest of the world your jelous of our things not our people because america fought for our freedom not a king or leader but a president to be challenged by the people raither then ruiled by kings where they are the only choice look at eygpt riots because of failed kings.ruiling there country The lord is not what anyone thinks isnt jesus or anyone the lord is a higher being. Jesus was just the first person in bad times before humanity on other to tell one another to be nice dont kill thats why he was choicen as the lords son not because of actully his son but because he thought like a god not to kill but to save all races are the same deep down if a white man needed blood if the black brown organge blood type was the same then there life is saved we have to many opions thats what our problem is not beause we cant voice our opion but because we do in wrong time in all actulaty your a brother to everyman on this earth and a brother to every women on this earth if you go to church or are a sivalized person then you should know this. adom and eve my opion black and other races blame whites for all there problem because its somthing to blame other then them selfs for trying to hard to show there diffrent race using laws and other things to not admit they were wrong the law stated any heroin meth weed or crack is illegal not because your white or black but because it is seen as a bad thing to others i dont aggree but its the law black people use every excuse about the hood but they have every right to move get on a bus and move to a better place if they can count how many grams are in a pound of weed then they can count how long it would take them to get on a bus and go to a better place. Everyone blames whites or america for destruction but white and america have to use force to get other countries to listen because all they want is to see us americans burn so you choice to destroy the world because of a color or a race and most of all the worst is a religon with is a perswation to get you people to do what ever the leaders want. and this is why cause all they have to say is the lord said do and half the world will kill each other cause they can’t decide who is god and who is jesus and what country he came from thats my peace take it how you want but i am a rap musican so get mad at my intelgance

  77. Tim Avatar

    We’ve got two types of people, the ignorant, and the ones that aren’t ignorant. Myself, I’m ignorant as fuck, but not nearly as ignorant as most of the racist fucks I’ve seen on this page. Blacks being racist to whites, whites being racist to blacks, what the fuck? You know who the ignorant are.

  78. Are you serious you dumbasses? Avatar
    Are you serious you dumbasses?

    Whites have a lot of racist people in that race, but it does not mean all whites are racist. Even blacks are being racist so why the fucking hell are you fucking being racist for anyways? Only dumb shits like most of you are truly racist and racism is only gonna get worse if you can’t respect 1 another. Stop saying that one race is dumb or rich or any other damn shit because it’s only 1 person you saw not the whole race. 1 man can’t represent every single person of a single race and if you still get your racist thoughts like then you should probably look back in history because most fucking races make the same damn mistakes. Racists shits are fucking everywhere and it won’t change till you do something about it.

  79. lalala Avatar

    i’m kind of surprised that you would have a post like this julien. it’s incredibly easy and politically correct to hate rich white people, and as one myself, i’m not entirely proud of how many have turned out. all you’re doing is recycling pc comments. i expect more of your blog.
    and every race has “sucked” if you will.

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