BMI shaking down podcasters?

Dave Slusher reports that “[a]t least one podcaster has received email from BMI telling him that he owed them money by ‘airing’ music they collect money for.” Wow, and I really thought I was safe.

Dave puts up some really interesting points here – mainly, how likely it is that these people really have no clue whether they are owed or not and, if so, for what songs, or how many.

I’ve always been what Slusher categorizes as a ‘boy scout,’ asking explicit permission for everything I’ve ever done, so who knows whether this will turn into anything for me or not. But with the startling news items of late (read: AllofMP3 being sued, ruling on MP3 linking), I am feeling a little anxious. We’ll see how it pans out.





3 responses to “BMI shaking down podcasters?”

  1. Chris Avatar

    If they do come breathng down your neck, you should send them a bill for your fees as a marketing consultant. The work you (or anyone with a musical podcast for that matter) have done with your podcast in exposing their music to new markets has quite probably led to more than a few people going out and picking up the music they enjoyed = cash in their pockets not the yours… A job that their own marketing departments have failed to do…

    my own two cents…

  2. Rob McDougall Avatar

    I agree with chris.

    Also, you have permission for chrissakes!

  3. anji bee Avatar

    wow that sucks total ass. i can see how, even though we make a personal connection with the artist and get permission, bmi and ascap have no way to know that fact. i mean, it’s not like the artist, label, or publicity company sends them a letter regarding the agreement. this could totally fuck our shit up down the line… even my own music could cause problems, since i am a bmi artist. i have to be one so that i can collect my money from tv and cable performances! *sigh* what a complicated subject…

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