Someone You Know Has Lupus

John Yancey, Common, Black Thought, Will.I.Am, etc. are featured in J Dilla’s Won’t Do. I’d embed that shit but I can’t stop it from autoplaying. Video’s awesome though.

And by the way, just like on this one, I will donate a dollar to charity for each comment on this post.





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  1. Erwin E. Delabra Avatar
    Erwin E. Delabra

    Nice clip totally is justifiable, cloud works awesome keep up the good work peace :^)

  2. Christopher Penn, Financial Aid Podcast Avatar

    Does that mean the donation is per poster or post? Because I’ll gladly script a bot to spam your blog for charity 😉

  3. jason Avatar

    “won’t do” is easily my favorite song from *the shining*. perfect, audio specimen of the full range of dilla’s talent as a producer, singer, mc, and musician. the way dilla flipped that isley brothers sample is ridiculous – just the way he weaves different parts of that song into his own creation. it’s been sampled to death, and yet he makes you hear it in a different way…he was amazing. his ear was incredible.

    beautful video, but i couldn’t get through it without getting choked up. the lump is still in my throat…

  4. jeff hinz Avatar


    not sure what this post is about – no accompanying podcast (unless i missed it).

    however, a very good friend of mine died a horrific death from lupus 6 months after her 2 year old son was beaten to death by his father. subsequently, child protection laws went into place in california – dubbed “Lances Law”

    It’s all outlined in the book:

    Yes – someone I do know has lupus.

    Jeff Hinz

  5. Julien Avatar

    Hey Jeff, thanks for the comment. The reason the post is titled “Someone You Know Has Lupus” is because the producer in question, J Dilla, died from lupus less than a year ago. He was one of the most beloved hip hop producers ever known, and the video I was linking to has the words “Someone you know has lupus” scrolling on a blimp to bring attention to the disease.

    I’m really sorry to hear about what happened. That’s terrible.

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