How to succeed in 2007

You know what feels great? Watching all these people in podcasting and on the web, seeing them develop and become successful, and being a part of that group. What an amazing feeling. Considering how great 2006 was, I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next 12 months. I’m exhilarated. Why? Because if it was possible for me, it’s possible for everyone.

If you decided today, you could make 2007 your year for showing your presence on the web. You could transform yourself from being a consumer to a producer of media and, I’m convinced, do a remarkable job in 12 months. How? Try these over the next few months:

Develop your brand

Maybe you should learn from Mao and his cult of personality. Consider what position you take on issues you consider important– then, find a way to make people think of you when they think about these issues. Take a strong stance. Educate yourself, then make your opinion known. Be bold about your feelings.

Become remarkable, the way you have only dreamed of being

Become a source of important insight and commentary. When you have a feeling about where things are going, say so. As this happens, people will start considering you an authority.

My friend Austin started his blog a month or so ago. Today, I saw him on Seth Godin’s What to read now list. He did this by creating things of note, like the project which, as of this writing, has accumulated 117 links on Technorati in less than a month. You can do this too. Become linkable. Follow the impulse you don’t ever speak aloud– or the one you can’t shut up about.

Branch out– a lot

When you get out of your comfort zone, your brain creates new neural pathways which can, thereafter, faciliate creativity. As such, even the most banal of changes can help you transform yourself and your life. Take a new route to work today, and tomorrow, write a long-winded, arrogant blog post instead of your usual short stuff. Read a book you normally never would. Change your diet for a week, just because. Make yourself uncomfortable– often! Doing so will transform your life, one step at a time.

Take part in the conversation

The number of words written on blogs every day is overwhelming and mostly inane but, every day, great people are saying great things. Find them, then get involved. It isn’t difficult or time consuming and, even when it is, it’s investing in yourself— which you should be doing anyway. So start today: add your opinion in the comments.





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  1. Véro.b Avatar

    Great inspiring post Julien!

  2. bob Avatar

    Great post! Strange how I felt you were talking right to me while reading this.

  3. […] My final videoblog of the year recounts the latest Anji news and looks forward to the new year, partially filtered through Jules’ recent blog about taking chances to transform your life in 2007. […]

  4. chris Avatar

    Nicely said, sir!

  5. DHP Avatar

    Nice article, Julian; insightful and anxiety-inducing. While your list is dead-on, I would be remiss if I did not address the Access issue. While your list does in fact include the things one must do to be successful, the fallacy of money still lingers. One must have both the access to technology (money), and the time to devote to your craft (money). You and I are fortunate in that we are monetized via PS, but many many creative and talented people will remain stuck in shitty service industry jobs, alienated from both technology and money.

    Just two cents.

    – DHP

  6. Rob McDougall Avatar

    That’s fantastic. You’ve inspired me to start expressing my own opinions more!

  7. Chris Brogan... Avatar

    I’m so envious. This is some great stuff. And between this and your 5 Things post, not only do I want to hang out more, but I want to roll up a thief. : )

  8. Austin Hill Avatar

    Thanks for the kind mention man. Great post.

    I hope you had fun last night, it was great to catch those TED DVDs with you.

  9. C.C. Chapman Avatar

    Dead on good buddy! All excellent points!

  10. Bryan Person Avatar


    2006 has been one of the best years of my life, and a big part of the reason why is all of the amazingly talented, creative, and passionate people like you that I’ve met.

    To even more of it in 2007! Hope to see you at PodCamp Toronto in late Feb. Are you making the trek west?

    –Bryan Person

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  12. […] We had a great evening with about 10-15 friends, and people from around town coming over to my place and watching TED DVD’s for about 6hrs on last Friday night. Mitch blogged about it here. My buddy Julien Smith was also there and wrote this kind note about my projects and blogging here. Fred Ngo and Benjamin Yoskovitz and some of my team from Project Ojibwe were down as well . My buddy Patrick also joined us. There were a bunch of other interesting people there and I think everyone had a good time. […]

  13. morris handy Avatar
    morris handy

    good looking on the motivation…peace

  14. […] Late last year, I wrote a post in which I encouraged people to branch out for 2007, as a means of helping increase their success online– by trying new things, and not being afraid to make mistakes. In fact, feeling comfortable to screw up is almost becoming my new motto these days– it’s done so much for me, I’ve been telling everyone that cares to listen to try it. […]

  15. hel Avatar

    interssant article

    but we need details

    please help me to find a job on the net this summer.

    thanks very much

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