Tattoos, piercings, and making irrevocable decisions

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I have been known to do a number of stupid/irrevocable things in my lifetime. Here’s how I cope with making these decisions without being crippled by doubt.

The Death Of Frequent Flyer
  • PSALM One – Death of the Frequent Flyer

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6 responses to “Tattoos, piercings, and making irrevocable decisions”

  1. Kat Avatar

    Hmm. I kinda feel bad now, knowing that I have occasionally commented on things I’ve overheard, and/or possibly interrupted you while recording. (I’ll never bring you tea again. 😉 )

    Feel free to tell me to fuck off in the future.


  2. anji bee Avatar

    i love you jules!!!

  3. zack Avatar

    i have to say, one of the more enjoyable podcasts from you.

  4. Vero.b Avatar

    It’s really cool to hear talk while you’re walking around the city. I usually don’t like it when podcasters do it, but you’re special! Great show, as always 😉

  5. hugh Avatar

    you da man.

  6. Marcus Couch Avatar

    Right on man. Flying by the seat of your pants is always the best way. I am doing more of this in 07 myself with my shows to come. Way to keep it real my friend. -Marcus

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