The rise of atheism

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More talking in the street. Is atheism getting fashionable? How atheism may be taking hold on the web as a strong force for 2007, more on reading a book a week. Another damn cold day.

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10 responses to “The rise of atheism”

  1. Rob McDougall Avatar

    Root of All Evil was shown on Channel 4 in the UK, not made by the BBC. They would never air such “controversial” programming.

    It’s very odd you bring this up now. My brother has been feeding me Dawkins and talking to me plenty about Atheism increasingly in the past 18 months…!

  2. Marko Avatar

    Hey Jules,

    Another provocative show mate! Very nice.

    Your show made me think back to my own past searching for ‘Truth’ whatever that means and of course religion has played and does play a part. I don’t think that ‘the Search’ ever fully ends so long as you are in the process of searching. Once you have ‘The Answer’ I think you have joined/accepted an established religion/philosophy. Or you have died.

    Here’s a quote from American sociologist and priest, Father Andew Greely, that I heard recently and I love it!

    “Humankind is born with two incurable diseases, life from which it inevitably dies and hope which hints that death may not be the end.”

    For me, this hope is a guiding element in lives of the majority of the the people on this planet. It keeps us going, keeps us searching and keeps us human.

    Only the best for 2007 Jules!


  3. anji bee Avatar

    i feel it my duty to point out to you that your use of the term “wrong hole” could be construed as unfriendly to the gay community and others who enjoy sexual experimentation. 😛

    btw, all that heavy breathing in your outdoor recordings is kinda getting to me…

  4. Tim Coyne Avatar

    I loved this “show”!

    Should we start a listener book club of sorts to go along with your resolution?

    I’m willing to try to stick with you on this book journey.

    Your thoughts on not over-thinking your show/”content” are inspiring to me.

    Maybe you can post your book choices.

    Keep it up brotha!


  5. jason Avatar

    throughout 2006, i have noticed the rising tide of atheism within the world at large. overseas there were a pair of guys that created a line of jeans with upside-down crosses for patches in order to advocate an anti-religion philosophy.

    so, where does this leave GOD-seeking, Jesus-following, hip-hop listening, music archiving, party rocking podcasters like myself who have disdain for the Christian Right’s lack of compassion and lust for condemnation?

    just where we were before, i suppose…in no man’s land. just further off in the corner…

  6. jason Avatar

    not sure if you heard show #5 of *endless shouting matches with yourself* yet, but you may want to check that out as a contrast to the conversation you started. it’s more from a “reluctant disciple” standpoint…

  7. Bitcloud Avatar

    Ey Julien… I’m liking the new shows… Dogma has definitely ruined parables and peoples desire to be better people (dogma’s got the “being better people” market cornered, and you can’t pursue it without swallowing down a heap of dogma worm juice)
    Check out this for a cool story… It’s up there with monkey for fictional accounts of creation if only it didn’t have all the fucking modern dogma attached to it…

    I was toying with the idea of doing a podcast for a while in a roving format like these ones, and what I thought about doing was bringing an ipod & recorder, and rigging up a pretty simple DIY cross fader which i could plug both the mic and the ipod into… that way you could theoretically play tracks while u roved…

    Also, I know you’re not keen on the enhanced podcast anymore, but that was probably one of the reasons I got suckered in to the show (as in.. who’s this shmo talking… oh it’s this julian guy and not a 50 year old lawyer) It’d be good to see you get back into the enhanced action.. even if it was just one photo per podcast… I tried to show the podcast to one of my friends and he couldn’t get a handle on it… it’s hard to figue it out without context (pictures for example)

    Cheers mate…

    PS… My band’s now got an album at Amie Street:
    (amie street kicks ass if you haven’t read about it… iz the future of music distribution imho)

  8. Cache Avatar

    more music please…

    you definetly drop a good note pretty much all of the time,

    but I want music mayne

  9. Todd Tyrtle Avatar
    Todd Tyrtle

    Thanks for introducing me to The Root of All Evil – I will definitely add it to my list of things to watch. By the way, you and your listeners might be glad to see that it is available at Google Video (

  10. Todd Tyrtle Avatar
    Todd Tyrtle

    Sorry – one more episode (The Virus of Faith) is available here:

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