Podcasting’s 10 most under rated

So I’ve been podcasting two years, and I’ve heard a hell of a lot of shows, and been to a pretty decent number of conferences. I’ve met Dawn and Drew, been raped by Madge Weinstein, met and hung out with a fair amount A-listers. But this post isn’t about them. This is about the 10 most under-appreciated people in podcasting– people whose shows deserve a lot more love, or who deserve a lot more attention, themselves, for the amazing stuff that they’ve done.

Matt from Detroit

Neil Gorman called Matt and his show, Digital Detroit Radio, the best-kept secret in podcasting for a reason. He’s a pleasure to meet in person and chill with, and his show is consistent, and his stories are hilarious. Plus, he’s been at it for longer than you have. Go give a listen to his show.

Mark and Bob

Mark Blevis and Bob Goyetche run the Canadian Podcast Buffet, which is less of a podcast and more of a full service community website. They provide an amazing thing to Canadian podcasters of all types. In fact, I have never seen two people basically take over a country’s podcasting scene since Mark… uh, oh wait

Mark Hunter

During the first Podcast Expo, the big thing between us Podshow music types was that Mark basically had Scotland by the balls. We had never, nor will we ever, see a country’s music so well represented as by the Tartanpodcast, and a podcaster so effectively take charge of a country’s podcasting movement, as Mark.

Matthew Ebel

Three weeks ago, Matthew Ebel got laid off from his job. On his blog, he said: “I’ve got 83 days to turn my entertainment business into something that pays the bills.” The guy is working harder than anyone to make a living from podsafe music. That deserves a hell of a lot of support. Listen to his podcast, and grab his CD, which has been on top of the podsafe charts, like, forever.

Mitch Joel

Ever since I met Mitch, his ability to deliver relevant information about branding and new media have been amazing, both in person and on the blog for his company, Twist Image. The title of his show, Six Pixels of Separation (iTunes), reveals an ability to translate complex subjects in a clearly understandable way. He’s the Canadian Joseph Jaffe, which is just as well for Joseph, since that means they aren’t competing. 🙂

Tim Coyne

I’ve been in love with Tim’s Unkempt series ever since I heard him talk on the fifth episode of the series, Four Months Bitch! He delivered such an amazing story, so honest and revelatory, that it puts me to shame. Start with that episode and go forward.

Ken, aka Scarborough Dude

Ken is the awesome old guy you always see at the bar, and his podcast delivers just that kind of quality. He has all these crazy stories, and he delivers them with zero pretension. The show happens whenever, but that’s because they’ve got this timeless thing– you could listen to the same one a year from now and get the same effect, just chilling out with this awesome old dude.

Dan Patterson

Dan is the hardest working dude in podcasting. Every time we’re talking on IM, he tells me about these awesome things he’s working on for his show, The Creepy Sleepy Show, and his life. I’m inevitably like “wtf” because I don’t work hard at all. Dan is ready for his comeuppance like nobody I’ve ever known.

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan isn’t exactly “in podcasting” as much as “in new media,” but he’s still a heavyweight in terms of what he delivers to the podcasting community. He produced Podcamp Boston, the first of the now popular unconferences that are happening all over the US and Canada now. He also works with Jeff Pulver, who’s doing awesome things like creating Video on the Net conferences (for those that understand what’s happening in online video). He’s a community guy first, totally about people, and his blog is top-notch.

Mike Hudack

Mike is at the bottom of the list for a reason: he’s the final word. Mike founded blip.tv, which is basically unlimited hosting for podcasters and videobloggers, no strings attached. Yet, no one I know ever talks about him or his service. But do you need anything else? I didn’t think so.

(With apologies to Andy Hagans, whose idea for this post I totally stole.)





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  1. Matthew Ebel Avatar

    Hey, thanks so much for the props! Hopefully this’ll all be a raging success story come March (when it counts). Thanks for listening, and thanks for helping out!


  2. Matt Avatar


    I’m totally blushing. Seriously. You rule. I don’t really deserve to be on here with these other heavyweights, but I will humbly accept your nice words. Thanks for including me on your list. I really appreciate it very much.


  3. C.C. Chapman Avatar

    I guess we’ll see who’s ego surfing huh? *grin*

    Seriously though I agree with everyone you mentioned here. I feel fortunite that I can say I’ve listened to all but one of them and have met most of them which is very powerful and makes me happy beyond belief.

    A great list indeed

  4. anji bee Avatar

    no lady podcasters, huh?

  5. DHP Avatar

    Dude, I’m really flattered, but I’ve always thought the same about you. Let’s rock some shit this year.

  6. Mitch Joel Avatar

    Thanks Julien. While I’m appreciative, I certainly feel like I have a ways to go until I’m “there.” I just love the channel and I love creating the show. Thanks for being a friend.

  7. Matt Avatar

    Is it considered “ego-surfing” if it’s on a blog I read every single day? Just wondering (:

  8. Julien Avatar

    yes! you ego maniac!!!

  9. Tim Coyne Avatar


    I’m truly honored. Seriously. Thanks man.

    I just subscribed to Creepy Sleepy, High Orbit, and Twist Image. I love hearing about shows from guys like you and Matt at DDR.

    As a side note, Ross at the Dry Shave podcast has been doing some really great stuff. That’s my little addition to your list.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for starting the conversation about us little guys.

    Happy New Year.


  10. Marcus Couch Avatar

    Let me know when you get to D-Listers like me.. LOL

  11. Chris Brogan... Avatar

    Woohoo! I’m underrated! I feel so optimistic. Thanks, Julien, and I’m so happy to be around all these amazing names. I feel like a lightweight. : )

    My videoblog: http://smallboxes.blip.tv (Yeah!)

  12. Les Zaldor Avatar

    Some great shows and great people – but the list is by no means inclusive… there are a lot of underrated shows which deserve a few listens… 🙂 Nice work Julien ! 🙂

  13. […] Thanks, Julien Smith, for including me in your 10 Most Under-Rated list. I am honored. (For those of you who don’t know Julien, when you get over your shame, check out his site and show at In Over Your Head. inoveryourhead, juliensmith, promotionShare and Enjoy:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

  14. Mike Avatar

    Thanks Julien! I’m thrilled to be included in this C-list-cum-A-list 🙂 You’re a rock star, sir, and I’m flattered.

  15. Clintus Avatar

    Great list. I must say that I haven’t heard of too many of these people but I can say that Chris Brogan and Mike Hudack rule!

  16. Scarborough Dude Avatar

    Truly an honour to be included in this list Julien, and I thank you for the generous description of my show. May the weird and wonderful always be welcome!

  17. Deniz Avatar

    What the FUCK, Julien? What the FUCK? Where is my love?

    (That is clearly a joke, because my show has been in a constant downward spiral for like a year. Get it? You can’t really under-rate shit.)

    Every time I listen to your show, I feel really inadequate about mine. Just thought you should know you’re killing my self-esteem.

  18. Bob Goyetche Avatar

    Yes, I’m late to comment on this.. Wow – I’m in great company here, though I’m honoured to be on any list compiled by Jules.

    I’ve learned two things with this post: 1) People I deem important are paying attention to what I do, and 2) I don’t ego-surf enough.

    Thanks for the nod Jules, you rock!

  19. […] First , Julien Smith published his list of Podcasting’s 10 most under rated people, which for some reason included me. I must say what a charge it was to see myself surrounded by people I respect as both podcasters and as people. If this is what being underrated is, I’m in great company! Thanks Jules! He’s challenged me to make my own list, and I’ve realized that needs some serious thought.. I’ll take the challenge though, watch for it here soon. And if for some strange reason you haven’t checked out Julien’s show recently, do yourself a favour.. […]

  20. […] A few weeks ago, Julien Smith made a post called Podcasting’s 10 most under rated. I am flattered to have made the list, particulary given the company. […]

  21. James Whittingham Avatar

    I love Blip.tv! I’ve been mentioning almost every week on my audio podcast. Blip gets it, they know exactly what a video podcaster wants and a few things s/he didn’t know they could use. It’s the only video service that gets better every day with well thought out features.

    Now how can I find Mike Hadack’s podcast? Is it on Blip? (I didn’t see reference to it on his site, but I’ve had a lot of caffeine today.)

  22. […] Read his article here.  in over your head, julien smith, podcasting, under rated […]

  23. Mark - tartanpodcast.com Avatar

    Not ego surfing, heard about this from Tim.

    Thanks for the props, Julien, means a lot.

  24. gabor Avatar

    I agree with the selection of Mark Hunter / tartanpodcast, save that here in the UK he’s not exactly underrated. A highly respected podcaster.

    I’m afraid none of the others have previously featured even as blips on my radar.

  25. Top Of The Pods Avatar

    Couldn’t agree more about Mark being in the list. Do we have permission to make this into a show? Plus do we get a 10 over-rated?


    Top Of The Pods

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