Looking to the birds

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I’m currenty spending way too many hours building a Best of the Daily Source Code. I’ve found files so old, it’s crazy.

And dudes, I totally keep forgetting to put album art in there, sorry. I’ll put it in next time, but this particular episode is already up, so it’s like ‘meh’.

The song on this episode is unbelievable, by the way..

Shine Through
  • Aloe Blacc – Whole World
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6 responses to “Looking to the birds”

  1. jason Avatar

    loving these “jules on the street” episodes, by the way.

    first off, *howard the duck*: horrible movie, but thomas dolby did write some good songs for the soundtrack. i remember liking the video game based on the film, but never did complete it.

    second, aloe blacc is perhaps the best surprise stones throw had up their sleeve in 2006 (although georgia anne muldrow comes in a very close second). the *shine through* album is an ambitious solo debut, but the payoff is quite good. could’ve done without some of the r. kelly sounding stuff, but the fact that he’s able to sing, rhyme, and produce – and do all three WELL – speaks to his versatile nature.

    “whole world” got my attention, too. great way to start the album. after the birth of my daughter Simone, i found myself singing the line “and the world is in love with Simone” repeatedly for weeks on end…

  2. Jeff Hinz Avatar

    Roger: Hey look!

    As the steamroller rolls on it reveals Dooms flattened body starting to move.

    Valiant: Holy smoke! He’s a toon!

    Doom: Surprised?

    Valiant: Not really. That lame-brained freeway idea could only be cooked up by a toon.

    Doom: Not just any toon…

    Doom staggers toward a gas cylinder and reinflates himself. As he does so his eyes pop out and land on the floor. When he turns round his eyes are red and he starts to speak in an increasingly high pitched voice.

    Doom: Remember me Eddie? When I killed your brother I talked just like this!

  3. Dave LaMorte Avatar

    The Best of the Charlie you did was really great. Good looking out!

  4. Kraze Avatar

    Ey man. I’m in shanghai, so cuz of taiwan not being able to keep its terra firma … firm I can’t get your podcasts.. hahaha. But i was recently mulling through my old ioyh episodes an I came across a reference of a hip hop disciples part 14. I can’t find a still existing link online (all have been deleted). Do you think you could send me part 14 to my gmail? Thanks man

    In other news here’s some good shit:
    Boom Bap Project (artist name)
    Weerd Science(artist name)

    I don’t know if it’s pod safe, but both have myspace pages so you can message em for permish.

    When you reply to this sucker I’ll email you a coupla zips of some songs from those two artists. (I forgot your email haha)

  5. Krash Coarse Avatar

    Crap! screwed up that post…

    I meant to say I’ve been enjoying Jules-on-the-street too, but I can’t say I don’t miss the hip-hop 🙂

    Listen to this…
    (the second one is about pigeons, real good)

  6. Dave Delaney Avatar

    I’m not sure why this episode turned up on my iPod today, but I hadn’t heard it, so it was just as well.

    Through the:
    rain, pigeons, philosophy, death, and hip hop…I couldn’t help but to think you HAVE TO SEE:

    Ghost Dog. Check it out: http://www.sensesofcinema.com/contents/cteq/02/22/ghost_dog.html

    Peace Julien

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