Sales sharks and minimum wage

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Woo! I did an oldschool style show. Made evident is my hatred of salespeople, the joke that is minimum wage, and other such things.

Stones Throw: 10 Years
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6 responses to “Sales sharks and minimum wage”

  1. jason Avatar

    1. i love craisins.

    2. hooray for stones throw celebrating 10 years – they can do little wrong in my eyes. (heads up, next week Chrome Children 2 will be available as a free download at, but only for a week. just figured i’d mention it if you didn’t already know…)

    3. on an unrelated topic…podcamp nyc in april…i am SO there…

  2. Hank @ StarCAST Avatar

    Great show Julien and cool to meet you today in SecondLife @ Crayon. I’m Hanko Florio!

  3. Justin Avatar

    Killer show Julien – as happy as I was with Chrome Children I knew I had to go down to the record store and pick up this new cd today and you didn’t even tell me I get a free dime bag with it. I just wonder how many days I can make it without opening it.

  4. anji bee Avatar

    craisins do rock. i love to eat those at the beach.

    dude! you go on secondlife??? i’m so going to coffee with crayon next week! (if i remember and get up early enough…)

    i imagine your avatar is still wearing the purple shirt, just to be a punk ass.

  5. tom Avatar

    hought this would intrest you if you didnt already know

  6. tom Avatar


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