The world embraces my screwups

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So I’ve been harbouring a secret for about six weeks. Not fucking huge, but still, it’s something… so I talk about it at the beginning. Also, how I hate disappointing people, and how the world embracing your screwups on the web.

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BTW: Neil has a great post about getting old, and how you don’t necessarily need to lose your connection with a younger generation (although I don’t particularly agree that Bono is still ‘with it’). 🙂

Oh, and also: This is the pinnacle of openness. I endeavour to be this good.






3 responses to “The world embraces my screwups”

  1. Fred Avatar

    I hope you will still keep Montreal in your life in some way, if you do decide to leave!

  2. anji bee Avatar

    dude, love the circle jerks in the background. heh heh! *not* podsafe…

    man, i am so happy for you re: the secret lady friend and your travel plans. have a ton of fun in san fran and texas! everything will fall into place in time.

  3. Marko Avatar

    Nice honest podcast mate!

    You ARE doing the right thing – keep experimenting keep playing keep screwing up and and keep all your options open!


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