Americans: You can come live at my house

A 15 year old American girl has been charged with for putting naked pictures of herself on the internet.





7 responses to “Americans: You can come live at my house”

  1. Christopher Penn, Financial Aid Podcast Avatar

    Hey, this is also a country where suicide is illegal, too.

    How many people will fit in your house? After all, we’ve got 300 million here, and around half of that didn’t vote Red last time around…

  2. Martin G. Avatar
    Martin G.

    That has to be the stupidest thing I’ve seen in a while. I didn’t know one could sexually abuse himself.

  3. Julien Avatar

    yeah, it’s fucking idiotic.

    chris: my place is pretty big. we’ll see what we can do, and i have some friends who can host desperate americans.

  4. JonasParker Avatar

    Well, it’s technically accurate, isn’t it? She produced child porn and distributed it, so she’s a felon. They just have to decide to try her as an adult or not. I think that the idea is that she is providing pornographic material (which she is not allowed to have, regardless of the age of the people in the porn), and giving access to child porn to people around the world. Seems like it should be illegal, doesn’t it?

    Next up, fifteen-year old boy charged with spanking it to mainstream porn; parents also charged with “letting” him have access to it.

  5. Rob McDougall Avatar

    how embarrassing for her.

    Americans, eh?

    Bet it turns out her Dad is a policeman or something…

  6. Kat Avatar

    See, Jules, this goes back to the breakfast conversation we had. Now young people can’t even own their own bodies? The law is ostensibly being used to protect this young woman, yet *she* made the decision to expose herself – so what does this experience teach her, and what sort of reaction can adults expect of her? That she needs to be protected from herself?


  7. anji bee Avatar

    perhaps they should be focusing a bit more on the parents culpability for not keeping better track of their child’s actions online? like the riaa?

    did you hear about the boy who made all the webcam porn money and eventually had his dad help run his empire? it’s a strange world kids live in today.

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