Keep It Real released

My ChangeThis manifesto, titled Keep It Real, was published yesterday at ChangeThis. Check it out, download it, etc. etc. Feedback is appreciated.





12 responses to “Keep It Real released”

  1. Mat Avatar

    Hey Julien,

    Just had a quick peek at the doc – looks interesting. Inspired by the Cluetrain Manifesto I take it…?


  2. anji bee Avatar

    nice work, dude. but i still think the kids of today are idiots.

  3. hugh Avatar

    how can they not be, listening to all that rapping music?

  4. Rob McDougall Avatar

    Lovin’ the design – did you do it all yourself?

  5. Julien Avatar

    naw, dude, they do that. how awesome is that? it’s so great you can just write a thing, and they make it look good.

  6. Tommi Avatar

    Hey Julien (and the others):

    Love the dokument. I started translating it to german this morning (as discussed) and I’m about half way through. We’ll put it into a nifty PDF on monday and notify you and the world about the german version …

    Thanks for writing it!

  7. Whitney Hoffman Avatar

    Love the document. I think the reason the big guys are scared is that they are not even partially fluent in the language. Nor do they take seriously the people who are, for the most part. They like the way they are, and are not interested in audience participation, to their own detriment.
    For a long time in the US, ads and politics have been geared towards appealing to the lowest common denominator. And despite years of critique of US education, we have a well educated population who is pretty good at smelling the BS. Sure, sometimes any group wants to believe the lie, the convenient truth, but companies will get much farther when they appeal to intelligence, logic, and our higher values than assuming it’s all about the lowest and basest needs.

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  9. SdC Avatar

    Good to read, good to spread.
    Pinko ain’t it?

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  11. Mitragyna Avatar

    its pretty uncanny to land on this page from stumbleuponi was just thinking about this exact thing last night. glad to see someone took the time to write about it. hope u have a good weekend!

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