Having epilepsy helps you make friends

Going out to run some errands, but I just wanted to thank everyone for the load of honest, genuine emails I’ve received because of my epilepsy podcast episode.

Also, something occurred to me yesterday that I think would be really awesome to do. Considering how huge my collection of podsafe hip hop is, I thought I would make a massively long DJ set (like 3-5 hours long) that would be downloadable and people could use at parties and bars and so on. I asked my three non hip-hop listening friends about this last night and they were all over it, so I think it could work. What do you guys think?






13 responses to “Having epilepsy helps you make friends”

  1. Rob McDougall Avatar

    Do it! Sounds like a lot of work…

  2. tom Avatar

    sure why not, if it opened up one person to hip-hop it would be worth it

  3. anji bee Avatar

    i made a pair of 90 minute Chillcast DJ sets for the holidays and they seemed pretty popular. the huge files were a bit much to deal with, so i imagine doubling that size will be nuts!

    what is the longest podcast you’ve ever heard, anyway?

  4. Christopher Penn, Financial Aid Podcast Avatar

    Hip hop would be cool. So would some techno.

  5. Dave LaMorte Avatar

    This is just like those mix tapes DJs would give out so that you would come out next time they would come to your neighborhood. Think of all the blank CDs and tapes you’d be saving.

  6. P.P. Avatar

    Do It man I would download it!

  7. jonathan Avatar

    +1 for free hiphop

  8. Eric Jean Avatar
    Eric Jean

    I’m a non-hip-hop guy, apparently. (sigh) No matter how hard I try, Julien I always remain non-hip-hop to you…

    Seriously – hook it up!

  9. jason Avatar

    hey man, it’s not like you don’t have the collection to do it. i say go for it. something like that would be great for the bar/party contigent. just throw it on and leave it on.

    finally got around to listening to the epilepsy episode this past friday. thank you for that. my best friend from high school had seizures back in the day – very severe. never actually saw one, i only heard about the aftereffects a couple of days later. they stopped for a while, only to resurface when he went off to college. he hasn’t had to deal with them in a while, so i think he’s out of the woods now.

  10. Justin Simonsen Avatar
    Justin Simonsen

    Another mixtape – hell yeah!! I vote for the 5hr side of things, but I’m crazy like that.

  11. Bitcloud Avatar

    Bring on the mix tape julien! I wouldn’t advocate it’s non podlisten type use unless you want the copyright lawyer smackdown tho…

  12. Soupy Avatar

    Nice idea, it has to be dancefloor friendly though. I always let my geekiness get in the way of things like this and have some jehst or something that really akwardly stands out but i’ve included it because its dope

  13. Doodee Avatar

    Thanks for sharing

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