This image so fascinated me earlier when I saw it on Philip Sherburne’s blog that I had no choice but to find out who these people were. It took me about an hour, but boy am I happy I did.

Readers, I introduce you to the Swedish band The Knife. I just bought their third album, and encourage you to do the same. Happy Friday.






3 responses to “Uh”

  1. anji bee Avatar

    one of my boyfriends made & wore a mask exactly like this, but white. he was inspired by a mask in david lynch’s twin peaks movie. it gives me a bad trip.

    i checked out the solipsistic nation podcast today and was happy to hear you were part of it! i’d love to hear you do another electro set show! it’s been a long time.

    hope you had a nice valentine’s day.

  2. matthew Avatar

    I was just told that I should buy this band, that I’d probably really like them.

  3. JonasParker Avatar

    Buy the band? I’m sure there are legal issues with this, or, As a black man, I have issues with the buying and selling of people.

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