Some random gadgets

I’ve been giving myself an ulcer over Homeless Nation in the past week or two, don’t mind me. I did receive a couple of cool things in the mail recently, though.


The first one is a Japanese watch I ordered from TokyoFlash after I saw it in a store around here. The time is 12:09 in the picture, and it’s absolutely unreadable without training. 🙂 The second is are Moo cards, which come from my Flickr pool. They’re a bit dark, but otherwise nice. The other side says “Remember this guy? His name is Julien.”





5 responses to “Some random gadgets”

  1. Mat Avatar

    Do you think the day of the business card is over? Is a Moo card all we need?

  2. Whitney Avatar

    Now THOSE are cool!


  3. Julien Avatar

    they’re pretty cool watches. they had a bunch of them, but that was the one i had seen in person.

    mat: i don’t know- i’ve seen some cool business cards, so i’m not sure it’s dead. but hopefully, the time of the mindless passing around of business cards is over. that shit always makes me want to barf.

  4. anji bee Avatar

    who could ever forget you, baby?

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