Bum Rush the Charts, people.

This may actually work! Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff launched this meme the other day, Bum Rush the Charts, that’s attempting to send an indie artist to the top of the iTunes charts through a same-day purchase of one track. Here’s the blog in case you wanna follow what’s happening with it.

The way I see it, it can get even better than that: If we not only purchase the track, but I have a feeling this idea would catch on in social networking spheres (think Digg, etc.) – if we get enough attention, that would propel the purchases of this one track ever upward– who knows how far it could go.



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6 responses to “Bum Rush the Charts, people.”

  1. hugh Avatar

    do a rotating list of 365 bands. each day a different indie band gets the “buy this track” meme spread. spread the wealth.

  2. […] In Over Your Head has up a post talking about a new idea to help indie artists shoot to the top of the charts on iTunes. reddit_url = ‘http://highbridnation.highbrid.com/?p=1051′;HN Speed Linking: 2-19-07 […]

  3. Justin Simonsen Avatar
    Justin Simonsen

    I’m on it!! Great idea. I can’t believe I’m gonna down load from iTunes but its worth it!!

  4. SdC Avatar

    I really like the social idea but the point is, beyond the price itself, is that track worth buying ?
    Is there any place where i can listen a 30 sec extract ?

  5. Podsafe Revolution Avatar

    You can hear the 30 second preview on any music store (iTunes etc). Hope to have you all on board on March 22nd!!

  6. Average Joe Avatar

    If you need a good sampling of Black Lab music to help you take the plunge and buy “Mine Again” on 3.22.07, check out my Black Lab artist spotlight at http://averagejoeradio.blogspot.com. These guys ROCK!

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