The Homelessness Marathon is live

Click here to listen to it, and here for more info. I’ll be on again as of midnight Eastern time, for the open mic hour. Peace!

Update: This is seriously fucked up.





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  1. Christopher Penn, Financial Aid Podcast Avatar

    Yes, it is seriously fucked up – and it’s wholly unsurprising. It all goes back to the education system in the United States and its many tragic flaws since Rockefeller and Carnegie’s tinkering with it.

    The more emphasis we place on social things like self-esteem, self-important, self-image, and superficial qualities (test results, etc.) rather than the process of actually educating people to think for themselves, the more prevalent this kind of atrocity will become.

    It’s funny, if you look back prior to the Depression, the US education system was VERY different, emphasizing languages like Greek and Latin, rhetoric, logic, and geography. These subjects have fallen by the wayside in place of “social studies” and our ever declining skills in mathematics, science, and language. Someone astutely pointed out that the people who formed the Greatest Generation and won the World Wars were educated in the old system – and we’ve been running on the intellectual capital they had ever since. As you can no doubt tell by America’s progress in education compared to the rest of the world, we’ve spent most of that capital.

    Last tidbit. I was talking to a girl who is the daughter of a very old money family in Massachusetts. Millions of dollars in money, countless more power in their reputation and prestige. The education that she received growing up as a child of privilege?

    Nearly identical to the pre-Depression system in the US.

    Food for thought.

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