Three Lessons from Podcamp

So I’m in San Francisco right now, chilling in a house we rented with Patrick and a certain girl. The next few days involve recording a podcast and general vacationing, getting together with some Podshow peeps and listeners to the show. Yesterday was Flickr’s 3rd anniversary party, which was super fun.

The Podcamp Toronto thing thatweall organized was seriously awesome. Here’s a few things I learned:

1) Mitch said one thing that I suspect will ring true for us a number of years from now– that social networks and dating sites will soon cause a drastic drop in the divorce rate.

2) Twitter is all over the place! Chris Brogan had it on his slides; Chris Penn did too. Scoble just added his 700+ fans to his friends list, as a radical listening experiment. This may be the coolest thing I’ve seen someone do in 2007.

3) Podcasting may finally be ready to move beyond the simple monetization methods that have long held the medium hostage. Through ourTrust Economies session I feel that some momentum is pushing the idea of networks-as-ROI forward. Take a look at the video here (it requires Quicktime), and please leave your comments if you’re so inclined– I’d love to hear them.



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6 responses to “Three Lessons from Podcamp”

  1. Christopher S. Penn Avatar

    For when you’d like to keep your sanity, here’s a quickie on how to set up custom Twitter groups, at least until an official update.

  2. Christopher S. Penn Avatar

    Also, your session at PCTO was fantastic. I’m glad someone finally came out and said it: stop trying to monetize your stupid podcast.

  3. Martine Avatar

    Je suis jalouse! Prends plein de photos pour moi stp. C’est mon ancien coin!

  4. Rob McDougall Avatar

    Very interesting presentation.

    But how does one get established with this whole “circle of trust” thing? You guys just seemed to skip to “once you’ve been successful…”

  5. Tim Coyne Avatar

    Hi Julien!

    I’m not quite buying in to the Twitter thing. Im ay check it out though. The Scoble experiment sounds interesting.

    In Mitch’s show I head you’re going to Podcamp NYC. True?

    I’m considering taking the plunge.


  6. Whitney Avatar

    Hi Julien! Hope SxSW is great, and you enjoyed SF. I loved your session at PC Toronto, and you have to reprise something like this at PC NYC, especially for the newbies.
    Safe Travels, Mate!

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