Definitive freeloading

Seriously, it’s criminal that we all have to pay for music that sucks when stuff like this is free. This Definitive Swim compilation puts the previous freeload stuff I’ve blogged about to shame. Go grab yourself some of this.

Do you guys detect a pattern here? A new way of making money with music? If I owned a record label like Definitive Jux or Stones Throw, I would release all my compilations this way.

(But yeesh, I send so many links in the direction of Adult Swim you guys probably think I’m getting paid by them.)



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4 responses to “Definitive freeloading”

  1. Amiel Avatar

    Hey man,

    I’ve actually been having a brutal time downloading the compilation, each time it won’t unstuff… mild curiousity if you had the same problem?

  2. Julien Avatar

    Hey Amiel, I downloaded it twice with no problems. Good luck!

  3. Steven Mansour Avatar

    That was awesome! Thanks for pointing us to it.

    According to your clustrmap, it would appear that you’ve taken over the planet.

  4. marie Avatar

    ok. at first i wasn’t feeling it THAT MUCH.
    but now i’m hooked on this shit. on repeat while i work. WOW. thanks for bringing this to our attention. it rocks.

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