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The Return Of The Magnificent

So I recorded this show last week that is to be my last ‘studio’ show in two months or so. So it’s rambling BS until that time! I’ll try to put some songs in there too, though, so don’t stress.

I don’t remember much of what I talked about on this show, except for the fact that RoboCop has a hot ass for no reason whatsoever.

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6 responses to “RoboCop’s hot ass”

  1. DK Avatar

    Long time listener first time poster – chicken soup, man…

    Thanks for sharing – peace!


  2. […] Julien Smith just urged everyone to let it all hang out and tell it like it is, no matter how embarrassing, so here goes nothing! After a bit of light chat about the Chillcast and Unwind, I launch into the tale of my very bad day. I told you once that I’m not always “sweet” and this story about a run-in with my neighbor illustrates my slow burning but explosive fuse. Can you imagine me losing it? (click image to play in popup window) Download Chillin’ with Anji Bee #23 […]

  3. anji bee Avatar

    wish i had been in san fran to hang with you and your mystery lady, man. have a great time in texas!

  4. Dave LaMorte Avatar

    Hey Julien the last few shows did not seem to make it into the iTunes feed. Just wanted to let you know what was up.

  5. Dave Boob Avatar

    Hey Julien:
    Great episode as always. Very inspiring to hear you’re two cents. Jealous that you’re on the road. I could use a trip…

    Don’t be dissin’ Robocop, or I’ll be sending Ed 209 after yer Fresh Prince lip syncing butt! LOL 🙂

    You best keep IYOH rockin’ while you’re on the road. We’ll all be waiting for more Julienisms.

    Cheers – Safe travels.

  6. Rob McDougall Avatar

    I seemed to miss this one – just listened… what are the tracks? Did you say Crack Pipe by Lament? Can’t find it…

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