Swan Lake

P.S.: I won an auction for this print at the Flickr party last night– I love its humour. Benefits went to Kids with Cameras, which is an awesome charity. (And hey: here are the other prints that were auctioned off.)





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  1. Linda Avatar

    Great picture. The birdwatcher in me is compelled to say that I believe these are called Whooper Swans, which is a name that fits them here, don’t you think?

    When you’re in San Francisco, on the off chance that you’d run into Scott Bourne (MacBreakWeekly; Podcasting Tricks), you could ask him about them – he’s had a whole other life as a professional bird and wildlife photographer (avianstock.com) and would know these birds far better than I.

    Whatever they’re called, it’s the fact that they make you laugh that’s most important. Enjoy!

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