Listen To Your Kids in the Montreal Gazette

Though won’t archive the article, I still feel pretty good about JD Gravenor’s article, Podcasts: Letting parents hear what teens have trouble saying. It focuses on Listen To Your Kids, a project started this year to connect kids with parents. Go give it a read while it’s still online.






3 responses to “Listen To Your Kids in the Montreal Gazette”

  1. jackson Avatar

    What’s going on with the show? I don’t recall you ever taking this much time off?!?!

  2. jackson Avatar

    I guess your feed isn’t updating properly, because I sifted through your recent site postings and found a podcast from March 1. You might want to check in to that (for what it’s worth, I subscribe through iTunes). The little playback/download app at the top left of your page is also not updated with the new show.

    Thanks for doing a great job! I’ve enjoyed the show for a long time.

    (BTW, bring back the album art with the podcast, so my portable media player can look good while playing/viewing your show).

  3. hugh Avatar

    nicely done.

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