Twitter vs. Odeo

What made this happen? I’m going to hazard that it was:

1) Ease of registration and use
2) Call to action, i.e.: “What are you doing right now?”
3) Community interaction





5 responses to “Twitter vs. Odeo”

  1. Daniel Johnson Jr Avatar

    I’m still hoping someone buys up Odeo and makes it successful.

  2. […] In SXSW’s wake, many people (like Julien) are linking to graphs showing Twitter’s seemingly impossible rate of adoption, spiking over the course of last week. What too few people are asking, however, is WHAT NOW? Can Twitter really continue its Calculus-defying near-infinite rate of growth? Or will it even continue to grow, period? I answer a resounding yes, if by growth we mean a gravity-induced, shockingly rapid flame out (negative growth counts too!). […]

  3. Robin Avatar

    Last I heard, odeo and twitter were from the same company, Obvious. Now the Obvious frontpage doesn’t even mention odeo. Probably the reason you’re comparing both, not sure if it’s common knowledge around here.

  4. IFWebmaster Avatar

    I’d like to think that third party developers had a small hand in boosting the popularity of Twitter as well. I personally did not use the service until we wrote and started using Twitterrific in the office. The explosion of such clients for Mac, Windows and now even Linux has helped to spur Twitter’s adoption rate.

  5. SubWolf Avatar

    Robin – why do you think they’re being compared? Same company, different products. The Obvious front page probably doesn’t mention Odeo now because they’re trying to sell it off.

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