If MySpace were a country (and other interesting facts)

I recently had a shift in thinking, previous to which I would refuse to blog anything ‘big’– this, on the principle that my readers would previously find it elsewhere. No longer though.

That said, here’s this awesome video I came across a second ago. By the time you rea this, it may be across 5-10 other blogs you read– or not. Either way, its statistics are shocking.






8 responses to “If MySpace were a country (and other interesting facts)”

  1. Christopher S. Penn Avatar

    That is quite possibly one of my favorite videos yet. I can’t tell – is it licensed at all? (i.e. Creative Commons, etc.)

    Love the music, too.

  2. Christopher S. Penn Avatar

    Checked the author’s blog – it’s Creative Commons licensed.

  3. Rob McDougall Avatar

    People won’t be able to keep their heads in the sand for very long. But I do feel that one day even our generation will struggle to keep up…

  4. Luke Walsh Avatar

    Music awesome, presentation sweet, but the actual statistics is what I am skeptical. As a math educator for 7 years, it is impossible for me not to use my math glasses. There sure were plenty of vague math words, such as “about”, “estimated”, “almost”. However, the video does motivate one to think; hopefully one thinks critically when viewing. Sure would be a great resource of discussion in my classroom. Thanks for sharing Julien!

    By the way, I adapted your 52 week idea into an area that I want to further develop, which is reflecting on my educational beliefs. Also, I have listening to your podcast for about a year and half now, and I have wanted to create my own blog. Thus, I joined the two creating a blog of my 52 reflections. (http://52reflections.wordpress.com) Thanks for putting your creative expression out in the open and doing what you do, for it has inspired me to expand.


  5. Brian Latimer Avatar

    Saw this earlier today, it’s kind of scary to think of the world in these kinds of terms.
    Though, I suppose it’s rapidly becoming necessary, isn’t it?

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  7. kourtnee :) Avatar
    kourtnee 🙂


  8. aja Avatar

    i love this video!!!! i’m just a kid in high school, and my teacher (government teacher) showed it to us as a project!!!! its becaome a big thing in our school. it’s good that people know what our lives have come too.

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