Two years ago, I was a phone rep

Now I make a living on the cutting edge of radio.

What did you do two years ago, and where have you gotten since then?

Michael Butler was painting houses.
Brian Clark was an assistant manager at a Burger King (or something).
CC Chapman worked at a community college.
I answered 80+ calls a day and placated angry, vengeful people on a regular basis.

I love the internet.

(Inspired by Andy Hagans who, two years ago, was attending a class called Women and Islam.)





10 responses to “Two years ago, I was a phone rep”

  1. Jon Avatar

    I was painting in poorly ventilated studios and wasting my time talking to c-listers in montreal bars and clubs.

  2. aaron Avatar

    hey Julien, I’m moving to Montreal next month, which call center were you working at, I need a job. 🙂 no seriously i need a job.. can you recommend any for someone who is pretty well English only.

  3. Julien Avatar

    jon: wasn’t i one of those c-listers? 🙂

    aaron: sure, i emailed you. i’ll hook you up.

  4. Christopher Penn, Financial Aid Podcast Avatar

    Two years ago, I was the Chief Technology Officer of the Student Loan Network. Today, I’m the Chief Technology Officer of the Student Loan Network AND host of the Financial Aid Podcast.

    Plus ca change, plus la meme chose.

  5. jason Avatar

    two years ago, customer service rep. basically doing the same thing you were. and entering orders, filing claims, issuing credits, sending out invoices, and other menial tasks that i can’t remember at this moment.

    two years later…still here. i’m trying not to equate this with failure, but it gets harder with every passing day. that said, my podcast is absolutely necessary. i may stumble over my own feet technically, but at least i do it in an area of life i’m passionate about. not having more time for it is particularly frustrating, but time and i are barely on speaking terms these days.

    of course, two years ago i wasn’t a father to a beautiful daughter and i am now, so that’s gotta count for something…

  6. Julien Avatar

    it’s weird the way change happens. sometimes it’ll take a while, and then it’ll happen in spurts. when i got off the phone, i had been there for ten years, total. pretty insane when i think back on it.

  7. mtl3p Avatar

    eurodeli pizza/cafe guy when I was starting ISF. But before that I was a tech guy in the radiology dep of the hospital.

  8. anji bee Avatar

    let’s see… 2 years ago i was undertaking a major restoration of my 1911 bungalow with the help of a city loan, launching my own record label to release my 2nd album independently, and starting my first podcast.

  9. mir Avatar

    I think I was sitting at this desk reading mikes blog.

    But I am Taurus we move slow and steady.

  10. JonasParker Avatar

    Two years ago I was an inside sales rep at the company that proved that I am no longer able to do that type of work any longer. It also helped me figure out where to go next.

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