Facebook is shit

Everybody’s sending me Facebook invites. I’m going straight to Virb instead. See you there in 6 months.





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  1. Rob McDougall Avatar

    Don’t do this to me! I’ve got Virb loaded in another tab, but I’m not looking at it until this is done!

    Myspace… horrible. But everyone I knew was on it.

    Then facebook. Actually kinda cool, and even more people I know are on it.

    Virb. I bet it’s the best thing since sliced bread. But convincing all my friends from Facebook to get over onto it… ack… I dunno… That’s the problem with all of these social networks…

  2. Irv Washington Avatar

    How about last.fm? It’s music oriented and doesn’t proclaim on it’s homepage to work with iTunes (only).

  3. Irv Washington Avatar

    Oh and facebook is exactly what you called it. I might be tempted to feel a little out of the loop because I’ve never received an invite, but quite frankly that’s not a loop I’d like to jump into. Too many concrete walls to hit at high speed.

  4. ella Avatar

    ha ha, whatever yo, you’re just upset you didn’t get there first 😉

  5. jason Avatar


  6. […] Interestingly, Julien Smith posted a little while back that he thought Facebook was shit, and that he was using Virb instead. Personally I happen to be on both, but I think that Julien’s comment “see you in six months” might be very prescient… Facebook could indeed be crushed under the weight not of poor design, but of bad behaviour. It will be interesting to see what happens. […]

  7. dark rider Avatar
    dark rider

    yo man…finally someone agrees…FACEBOOK IS SHIT!!!!!

  8. leila Avatar

    yeah their appclications never work and its is full of shit

  9. vivi Avatar

    yeah its shit i want to cause pain to the guy who made it

  10. shadow Avatar

    it reduces us all to ciphers and ghosts of ourselves. it alienates and isolates us from real human contact. while you are there tapping away uploading tedious pics of dull parties and trips there are real humans outside your door. its hard to find people who think as i do, but humans are so much more than this shallow simulcrum of real life. 21st media existence is a loss of ourselves in the shadows of cyberspace whoredom and we enter this pool of shit at the cost of our souls. am i freak? do i care? live free babies

  11. Geezer Avatar

    Came across this [dis][cuss]ion bit late but am with ‘shadow’ 100 percent. I’ve had a few bad experiences, including on dating websites (administrators are evil) and am in no way gonna register on Facebook. Could do it on a less personal note, no photos and all that but just can’t be bothered. I hope I meet my soulmate in the shopping aisle..

    Am registered on MySpace for music and it’s alright. It takes time to build up some good contacts and to share ideas, swap and create. Some of the big artists annoy me because they are purely on there for commercial gain. I got contacted by a few but really, they’re not looking for friendship, just your custom…

    Apart from networking websites becoming saturated, things lose their novelty quite quickly nowadays, or, they just get filled up with timewasters, narcissists or people with devious intentions.

    Sorry ’bout doom and gloom but sometimes you have to learn the hard way. Somehow, somewhere there will be a backlash, the internet social networking bubble will burst, and hopefully we’ll all get our social skills back and not be so fuckin’ ‘fraid of each other!

  12. jonathan Avatar

    i agree that facebook is shit. I have just been kicked off by an administrator for asking to many people to be my friend i have argued and argued with them and they just basically tell me to f off.
    They were great before they got to big and then they become massive (which they are) and they dont give a shit about anyone. The bigger they get the more crap they put on there like sending a beer and the other 16000 applications that clog up your system!
    I think there should be a website out there boycot facebook lol

  13. Dankoozy Avatar

    Facebook is indeed shit and shadow’s comment hits the nail on the head fairly well

  14. non Avatar

    facebook is so kool ur just silly lol joking

  15. Anon Avatar

    facebook is a pile of wank.

  16. John Avatar

    I completely agree with shadow…

  17. Smarty Pants Avatar
    Smarty Pants

    You’re right, FB is complete garbage, bloody waste of time and a stalker/ hacker’s dream come true.

  18. Ash Avatar

    Facebook is pure unfiltered Shit! Oh I live in a air bubble called facebook, which is great because it fits into my air filled head…look at me..la di da! Brain dead, egotistical backward people populate FARCEbook. Hey I took a shit I’ll take a picture and put it up on fecesbook and it’ll prove I’m such a popular person with a high social stature. GET A F**KING LIFE YOU RETARDS oh wait you can’t you’re so socially inept the whole concept of communication is a foreign language known only to the high monks of the holy scrag! If you haven’t guessed I’m Pissed OFF!



  20. Manuel Avatar

    Yes, im agree with you all, facebook its for narcisive people, for idiots posting their photos doing stupid things, yeah its for preppies who wants some atention..and i say FUCK that FUCK facebook FUCK mark zukerberg, FUCK the people who live more in facebook than in real life.., i dont wanna atenttion, i dont wanna expose mi private life, i dont want to be critizese, i dont wanna have more “friends” than you, i dont wanna look at your profile, i add you as a friend..YOu are NOT my friend..i dont even know the most people that suggest the facebook as a “friend”..so?are you convinced to not have a facebook yet?

  21. Eva x Avatar
    Eva x

    I think facebook is full of technical fuck ups and it is an excuse for horrible people to prey on others… But I must confess. I do have a facebook account.. Purely for the reason that I’m from the South East of England yet I live in the North West and also have friends in Scotland.. It just helps me keep in touch with those I wouldn’t be able to speak to otherwise, what with modern technology being so expensive!! I’d rather log on to a website than pay hundreds of pounds for a phone bill or travel costs!
    If I want an intelligent conversation with someone I’ll get off my arse and see them face to face, so I do think Facebook is overrated!
    Blessed Be xxx

  22. Cauna Avatar


  23. Elena Avatar

    Signed up to Facebook almost three weeks ago. Two teenage sisters I know converse and communicate on there;
    sister A : “think you should make me a cuppa tea”
    sister B makes sister A a cup of tea “you owe me one”
    sister A “think I should dye my hair”
    sister B “I like it the way it is”

    They’re living in the same house, sitting in their bedroom!!



  25. Facebook Killer Avatar
    Facebook Killer

    Fuck Facebook. Its the worst thing that ever happened in the life. Lets destroy the fucking shit that ruins the world. FUCK FACEBOOK BOOHOO! ITS A LAAAAAAAARGE SHIT! FUCK IT!

  26. Dankoozy Avatar

    Mark Zuckerberg is the son of satan.

  27. Boff Avatar

    Facebook is for boring cocks who have no life. In fact all netwroking sites are for sad lonely fuckers with no life.

    A bit like you really.

  28. FACEberuk Avatar

    Facebook completly is sucks and waste of time… better using the previous social website than this fucking shit FACEBOOK<-!!!! need plugins to use it hahah

  29. Matt Avatar


  30. Chimera Avatar

    I seriously agree, but facebook is total bullshit. Useless crap, a place for idiotic dickheads. Thank you.

  31. Noddy Avatar

    I cannot believe how stupid the human race has become. Facebook? It’s just a stupid website. Personally I prefer to have complete access to the entire internet, not just confine myself to facebook.

  32. Bec Avatar


    I have to agree. Reason being, Facebook and other soical networking sites are the ideal place for narcicissts to come out and play, all they wanna do all day long is post pics of themselves, check their facebook in between dealing with the kids, talk about themselves all day. You get the picture. Things like “I’m away for a bath now”, “my son done this that and the next thing today”, “I’m sleepy”, who gives a shit the world doesn’t revolve around you and noone needs to talk about themselves all the time, I mean seriously. Facebook like the others is shit.

  33. cindy 6661 Avatar
    cindy 6661

    I fucking hate social network sites. I’m sick of them. I created a myspace account a long time ago, I think it’s been 6 years . I made it to have my own webpage and write about interesting stuff .
    When I was little my dream was to be the most intelligent person in the world haha now kids only want to show their asses and get fucked . I cannot believe how stupid the human race has become. The guys who made these sites are probably laughing at us and I doubt they are wasting their time on this shit.

    there exist millions of interesting sites ,complete access to the entire internet. I’m ashamed of having myspace, I was addicted to it, I regret time wasted I’ll never get it back Lmao. I still have it for myspace music ,to know about concerts and to keep communication wit a few people .it’s cheaper. but so yeah I don’t need a facebook or
    other accounts. So don’t tell me how amazing facebook is , get real, take a hiki, breath ,read ,write, have fun, get a motivation . this is a lie. you aren’t popular .you probably aren’t CUTE,HOT? ,you have no friends and nobody gives a shit of what are you doing right now .

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  35. krystal Avatar

    Oh wow. So many retards hating on the same thing.

  36. Oz Avatar

    Yep, facebook is shit. It erodes pretty much everything. Ever heard of a telephone? And I dont fucking care if your taking a bath or the gardener is round.

  37. Glenn Avatar

    Facebook has become a complete substitute for life for many of them. Well, there are many reasons behind it and the most important part is the fame that facebook gets to a person living in the shadows. Facebook activity just makes such people who are afraid to come to real public get a quick publicity. For instance let’s take my facebook profile as an example. I shot a few picture during the last picnic and I gotta admit that some of the pictures came really good. I posted some of those photos in my facebook profile. After a day checking the comments, I was surprised to see comments and likes from my old college-mates who have never spoke to me in person. Some of them who I’ve seen in college and they didn’t even notice me being there. I was wondering how people have changed an mebbe they are becoming my close buddies through facebook? The true fact is that it is not about a new friendship. It is not about how amazing your picture is. They are not interested in what you had posted in your profile. But why do they comment. The funny truth is that, most of them want to grab the attention of others through your post. Hit a funny comment at the picture and you’ve got the attention of the FB folks on you. It is what they want. They really, REALLY do not like your pictures, or whatever you post.

    Facebook is shit!!!

  38. jesso Avatar

    I have permanently deleted my FB due to people(friends) at work showing my boss my page without my knowledge , how is this private anyone could be checking out you and your updates (if i wanted them as friends i would have added them ), i do agree that FB was a good idea but think its unsafe as there are too many nosy fukrs out there .. thats my opinion anyways

  39. Shitface Avatar

    Facebook is nothing but shit. It ruins people. It ruins people’s relationships with each other. Facebook must be destroyed, before it destroys us.

  40. Phil Avatar

    The shite (oops, typo) the site was never intended to be named FaceBook, it was a typo but they decided to stick with it, it was really supposed to be called FecalBook, hence why it so so shit.

  41. Loki Avatar


    El face te jode con que interactues y te mantengas en contacto con gente en todo el planeta pero el sistema es tan MIERDA que tras intentar 2 o 3 veces de agregar a un primo que vive en Europa, me bloquearon por varios dias la posibilidadde agregar gente. MOTIVO: “no agregues gente que no conoces”

    Entonces me dije: “le mando un mensaje y que me agregue el”, a lo que el face respondio “se bloqueo esta feature” – Y ME DESCONECTO.
    Cuando loguee de nuevo me pedia MI CELULAR.

    REALMENTE…..QUE CARAJO. Por que carajo tengo que darle mi celular a la database de facebook? para que sepan en cuestion de horas que talle de zapatos uso o si soy comunista?


    Perdi al menos 3 cuentas de esta manera. Y obviamente con ellas lo contactos.

    ojala revienten. por metidos.

  42. Krissie Avatar

    I finally feel at one with the world. Everybody is right about Facebook, it is a piece of shit. One day kids are going to forget how to talk and spend quality time together because of this. In real life you don’t go “I’m getting in the shower!” or “The post is here!” do you? Nobody gives a fuck to be honest. Fuck fb.

  43. Mark Zuker Avatar
    Mark Zuker

    I presume “Locked-accounts” in Facebook are a danger. Maybe various characters (including pedophiles, drug peddlers, and terrorists) could be using these accounts for their activities. Also, Facebook is full of porn and violence-depicting stuff, even though it allows children to login to Facebook. Out of all the social-networking sites, Facebook has the stupidest privacy policy. Facebook and Mark Suckerberg are just greedy for money… Therefore Facebook must be destroyed before it destroys the world.

  44. Eric Avatar

    Yes!!! I am so happy that there are still a few intelligent people in the world. I thought that we were doomed to idiocricy. So, glad that there is still hope!

  45. Marek Avatar

    Quite agree! I think that global internet socialisation is made much too available nowadays – is should not be like that, many people simply start to reject it and avoid this overhelming socialisation:( It is the same with music on ipod… when you are bringing with you all the best music you loved so much before, suddenly you can not enjoy it anymore… the brain becomes too oversaturated with this supply… Good things must be limited, only then those can remain good ones… the same with socialisation on global sites:( Have a good day! 🙂

  46. me me me Avatar
    me me me

    I just walked across the hall and farted. Fakebook update is coming.

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