Scott Sigler: #7 on the Amazon Top 100

Scott Sigler‘s novel Ancestor, out today on paperback, has just hit #7 on the Amazon Top 100. It just sold out– and I got the last copy. 🙂

What a great world we live in that this dude, one of the hardest working people in our industry, can reach the same levels as Harry Potter through podcasting. I love it.





3 responses to “Scott Sigler: #7 on the Amazon Top 100”

  1. mtl3p Avatar

    cool, but I’m not sure about “reach the level of Harry Potter” as a point of comparison. Either in terms of the quality (yelch) or of elitism (the whole story about how the author was a waitress or smthng before her HP books made her rich). It’s kind of like saying how amazing it is that videobloging can make someone as famous as Paris Hilton.

  2. mhp Avatar

    why i haven’t we seen anything about this or BRTC on The Long Tail blog… if #7 on the Amazon Top 100 isn’t displaying the power of the long – by catapulting a title into the short head – I don’t know what is.

  3. Scott Sigler Avatar

    I don’t know why we haven’t seen anything on the Long Tail Blog – but hey, put in a suggestion there! My time in the short head will be brief, I know, but it’s fun.


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