Just speechless

Yet another reason why black people are cooler than white people, this time straight from Sa-Ra Creative Partners. That’s right, it’s a Green Lantern mask.

(I picked this up from a Garbege newsletter. I seriously don’t know what to think anymore.)





3 responses to “Just speechless”

  1. mtl3p Avatar

    why don’t you know what to think? the second green latern was black. john stewart.

    (there’s my nerd cred for the day).

  2. jason Avatar

    still trying to decide if i like the lead-off single feat. Talib Kweli from their upcoming album on Babygrande. although it’s about time they dropped some new stuff…i was starting to wonder if they got lost in the major label mergers or something (last i heard, they were signed to kanye’s label…)

  3. Julien Avatar

    yeah, they were signed to GOOD, but then it merged with Sony so they went to Babygrande. it’s all in the Wikipedia entry, I was reading it this morning.

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