That time I accidentally did crack

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Yeah really, that’s what this episode is about. For real. Inspired by the confessional work of Jonathan Ames, whose stories I find hilarious.

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5 responses to “That time I accidentally did crack”

  1. hugh Avatar

    dude, did you *spit* during your podcast?? yeah, you f**cking spat.

    nice one. you can take the montrealer to austin, but you can’t take the spitter out of the montrealer.


  2. hugh Avatar

    you’re spitting the whole way through! they don’t fuckkin spit on MTV. nice.

  3. Dave LaMorte Avatar

    What do you record those walking shows with? Sound qualities great, I could hear your phlegm squish on the sidewalk.

  4. Deniz Avatar

    I’m sorry, but as I am an adult now I can no longer associate with parties such as yourself.

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