Life after Sirius

Life without Sirius has me listless. It was one of my projects where I had a regular deadline. Without it, life is a bit more like limbo. After my capoeira class oday, I spent wandering downtown Austin, wasting time on the web, etc.

It’s strange to be on your own schedule, working at pretty much your own pace, and on own your own goals, the whole time. It’s in massive contrast to the nine-to-five lifestyle that my parents lived, and are still living as a matter of fact. How will it impact the way I feel about my life, and my achievements, longterm? I don’t know.

It’s a pretty interesting lifestyle, though. I make podcasts, blog, have one great client, and otherwise work on whatever I decide I want to. But it reminds me of what Tim Ferriss said at SXSW this year (a good dude despite his somewhat sketchy front page)– once you’re not packed with work every day, you need to fill it with other things that create value for you. This is still hard for me– I’m still having trouble, but I intend to work it out.





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  1. Mat Avatar

    having left my job in management consulting to pursue web and independent projects, i’m faced with a similar dilemma. when not working on something specific for a client, i tend to fill my days with reading, learning, and volunteering…

    i’m quite busy – but i do struggle with feeling productive and value-creating. i have to continually remind myself that the self growth is almost certainly worth it.

  2. anji bee Avatar

    i do worry that you will podfade, m’dear… i hope not!

    i personally find that i work even harder without a set schedule because i simply don’t know when it’s ok to stop. i’m still learning to “schedule in” downtime.

    good luck with all the changes your life is undergoing, julien!

  3. Matt Forsythe Avatar

    Hey, have you moved to Austin now?

    I half expected you to be back in town after SWSW, but it sounds like you’re sticking around…

  4. Julien Avatar

    nope! i’m still down here until thursday, though. not moving yet… don’t know if i even will. it’s nice here though. 🙂

  5. scott Avatar

    hey julien, just thought i’d let you know i referenced this post on midnight poutine. you can check it out here:

    keep up the good work, mans!

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