8 words that lead to success

I grabbed this screenshot from a TED talk by Richard St-John, who made it his job several years ago to interview as many successful people as possible. With its 3 minutes of length, the talk is highly worth watching, of course, but I’ve kept this screenshot on my desktop now, and open it every little while.





3 responses to “8 words that lead to success”

  1. Tim Coyne Avatar

    Yo Julien!

    I’m a big supporter and fan of Podcast User Magazine but what a bummer that they misspelled your name. JuliAn. Ugh!!!

    Nice column though. I live in the city of fame/big break. Not a good idea to set your sights on either of these. I’m discovering this now, at the age of 35.

    Hope all is well.


  2. henson Avatar

    “The state of some one’s minds determine the state of is life”

  3. Temitope Avatar

    can i view those 8 words

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