The code is taken

“If you want to spread a secret, domain names are the way to do it. Ryan McGuire of the Cedar City, Utah was clever enough to publish the secret number as a domain name […] which replicated the number to root servers all around the world. […] Zone File replication is unstoppable and no DMCA request can take a string out of it.”





2 responses to “The code is taken”

  1. marko Avatar

    Oh that’s INTERESTING! Spreading secrets…or even spreading how you feel about other people or other subjects. Or spreading rumours via domain name registration….

    Maybe it will make people nicer? I mean whats to stop me from registering when julien is nice or if I disagree with julien. Or if I really want to get his secret out once and for all. LOL.

    Potential for good and bad like everything else I guess.

  2. Irv Washington Avatar

    Fantastique. Vraiment.

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