Hacking the influencers list

Neat. Despite doing totally not a hell of a lot on my blog this month, I ended up #6 on the list of most influential blogs in Quebec (fr), which you can download here. Mitch, who actually does work on his, was at #4– far more deserved, I think. I suspect the rating is highly influenced by Technorati. If so, this stuff shouldn’t surprise anyone– English-language bloggers will always get more links than francophone ones.

If you want to get higher up on the next list, getting involved early in a niche, like podcasting, will really help. “General bloggers” aren’t doing spectacularly these days, I suspect. Likewise, showing up at events generally ensures people will link to you a fair amount… sorry to give up the secrets, guys. 🙂





4 responses to “Hacking the influencers list”

  1. […] Other anglophones on the list: Julien Smith’s In Over Your Head Hip-Hop Podcast (6) (his take), StayGoLinks (9), Metroblogging Montreal (11, leaving MtlWebLog and Midnight Poutine off the list entirely), bopuc/weblog (25) and HabsBlog, the only sports blog on the list. […]

  2. hugh Avatar

    how the hell does patrick get left off that list?

  3. Julien Avatar

    yeah, who knows. dude’s everywhere and has been blogging more than anyone.

  4. Andrea Doyon Avatar

    Hi Julien!

    No need to hack the list, we will talk about our methodology in our blog in the next week. =)

    Inbound link is indeed an important aspect of our ranking, but not the only one. Yet, right now the list used only quantitative metrics to rank the blogs and we are weak on the English list of blog. In our next update we add a lot of new English blog.

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