Crazy racists

Inexplicably, for the past two months or so, people have been stopping by a particular page of my blog and leaving crazy, racist comments. The most recent one is leading me to talk about it, because it’s really insane (I haven’t published it, of course):

This a a bunch of BS anyway. The blacks blame the white people that we are against them but if they would really realize that they cause most of the problems in this world. For instance, just look at the jail system today 70% of the people that are in jail is black. Who’s fault is that? Oh let me guess the white people. Everyday we have to hear about some poor N****R that clams that there rights have been violated or that they did not get that promotion at work […]

I can’t figure out where these people are coming from… they’re from both sides of the camp (i.e., white and black), insulting each other, and I have no idea where they came from– search engines reveal no trail whatsoever, backlinks either. Wherever they’re coming from, though, there’s a hell of a lot of fighting going on in my back yard.





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  1. Rob McDougall Avatar
    Rob McDougall


  2. Clarence Avatar

    100 percent bonafide ish you got goin’ down on that post Julien 🙂 Everyone wanna be me, but, no one wants to be Me… (blame MTV)!!!

  3. jason {macedonia} Avatar

    i think that there are people on all sides that just troll around the net and look for another area in which to spew their agenda, particularly when you talk about the racial superiority agenda. if i were a betting man, i’d say that those leaving such comments never heard your podcast episode that featured the whole “why you should fear white kids” sentiment…

  4. Dani Avatar

    The short answer? Because they can. You notice that there are only names on these responses, no links? Not even real names. Sure, you get an email address, but that could be bogus too.

    You have made me curious about that particular episode though, now I will have to go back and listen! I just found your podcast. 🙂

  5. Jackson Avatar

    Get a new show out… maybe they’re derranged liseners, who are forced to deface websites, when left without good podcasts to listen to.

    Probably NOT what’s going on… but I though I’d slip a jab in about the severe lack of new shows.

    I keep stopping by, just to make sure the feed I subscribed to through iTunes isn’t malfunctioning. It’s so strange to see your feed with no new content.

  6. Jason A. Avatar
    Jason A.

    Yeah that must be annoying man. I wish I could just round up people like that and put them in a labor camp where they would pump out PETA merchandise and have forced cuddling sessions with the racial type they fear the most…

  7. Justin Simonsen Avatar
    Justin Simonsen

    I can’t imagine any of these racist people actually read or listen to any of your content. I honestly don’t think it helps to tell racist people to read a history book because racism, I think, is more of a belief structure distilled from childhood for the most part as opposed to an idea that can be easily changed. Best thing to do is send all the racists to the next zombie mob and let their brains get eaten. Just a thought I had.

  8. […] L’idée m’est venue d’une mésaventure arrivée à Julien Smith, qui se retrouve envahi par une gang de racistes sur son blogue… Parfois un simple post peut devenir un “ruban de papier tue-mouches”, comme disait Foglia. Extrait de sa chronique : […] Je me demande comment font mes collègues qui ont des blogues. Je sais à peine ce qu’est un blogue mais je me le représente comme un de ces rubans collants à mouches qui pendent en accordéon du plafond, les mouches s’engluent dessus et le ruban frémit des vibrations de leurs milliers d’ailes. […] […]

  9. P-Dub Avatar

    I had something similar happen on my blog. I had a single post that mentioned a certain person famous for wearing one white glove. Apparently, young worshipers and young haters of this celebrity search for blog entries about this person and then descend on it to do battle in the comments section. I got so many moronic comments, I finally deleted the post so as to stop attracting more.

  10. Anon Avatar

    I find this really sad and disheartening, but I suppose it’s a consequence of freedom of speech.

    It can be difficult to know where to draw the line between “free” speech and “hate” speech however, and such is why the courts have intervened in the past. I wonder if we’ll see the Internet evolve some sort of lightweight tribunal system to resolve such disputes going forward.

  11. catty Avatar

    It’s not about white, black, hispanic, asian etc. It’s about what you make out of your life. Everyone has a chance to do something with your life and it’s those that chose not to and try and live off of the more fortunate ones. By robbing them etc. In general people have it all wrong. Unfortunately it’s genetics. Some cultures were not born with a mind to work with. They don’t have the aptitude or skills to make it in life and it’s because their genetically challenged. Or their born into a family that just doesn’t care. The father is a loser along with the mom and the kid just doesn’t have a chance. I never went to college. I graduated high school and hey I’m making a six figure income. Why? Because I never stopped believing. I’m I smart I would consider myself smarter than the average Joe but not brilliant. My husband and I have sent two children to college and they graduated and have excellent jobs. Racism is not a part of our lives. I’m racist at people who don’t try and make a living and make other people miserable because of it.

  12. OMG Avatar

    Hey Stupid People!!! If black people are the ones filling up jails then they aint on the streets so shut the fuck up dumbasssesssssss…that leaves all the whites and mexicans to cause trouble now go kill yourselves

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