Stop the Presses: I actually made a podcast

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The Seven Plagues of Modern Man, new tattoos, New York and Toronto are piece of shit cities. Etc.


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12 responses to “Stop the Presses: I actually made a podcast”

  1. Justin Simonsen Avatar
    Justin Simonsen

    I’m going to get off my butt and develop something I believe in – I think I’ll start a podcast. I guess I can’t use this pinhole mic in my laptop so as soon as I get a real microphone watch out I’m taking over!! And I’m not being overly dramatic with the truth – it’s going to be sick.

  2. Rob McDougall Avatar

    Holy crap.

    I missed your last post on here from a few days back… I was starting to worry you’d died or something…!

    Will listen at work tomorrow! (God help me, I have a job now…)

  3. kanibal Avatar

    Hallelujah! Took you long enough!

  4. Holger Avatar

    Woooohoo, great to hear something new!

    For some reason it took the whole night to get your new podcast. 6 kB/s at best, felt like ’97 😉

  5. Marcus Couch Avatar

    Nice to hear from you again! Great show as always dude.

  6. Julio from NY Avatar

    I’m born and bred from NYC and I love every minute of it. If you’re Montreal ass can’t handle it, then get the hell out. I’M WALKING OVER HERE!!! 🙂
    On the serious side. Like your selection in music 🙂

  7. Scarborough Dude Avatar

    The miracle of staying subscribed – suddenly, out of nowhere, hearing from a long lost friend! What a great surprise – welcome back eh!

  8. Amiel Blajchman Avatar

    Julien: you wanted something that is still rebellious? How about facial tattoos? Marketing exec/ podcaster/ hip hop artist/ painter/ whatever… that’s still considered a move made by somebody who doesn’t want to play in society.

    Other plagues of the modern man: slaving devotion to computers; and obesity due to sheer laziness.

  9. P-Dub Avatar

    Wouldn’t you know, you wait until I take my first vacation in 2 years, and publish when I’m not paying any attention. Anyway… thanks Julien… missed you.

  10. Michelle Avatar

    Nice to hear you do a podcast again (and hopefully back into the swing of things). Interesting show.

  11. Mat Avatar

    Sure sounds like your fans are glad to have you back! Hope your next absence isn’t as long…

  12. Greg Avatar

    I’ll be damned, he lives! Good to hear you again, though I could have done without the anti-New York broadside…I’ve had moments where I felt nearly the same about Montreal, though, so I guess we’re even. 🙂 Had you gotten in touch with us, we could have showed you the quieter side of NYC…let us know next time you’re going to be in town!

    Greg and Clea
    The Reviewers
    Upon Further Review

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