Astounding new theory on why rap sales are declining

You heard it here first, people: Rappers are douchebags.





6 responses to “Astounding new theory on why rap sales are declining”

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  2. kanibal Avatar

    It’s not just because there douche bags. It’s because there douche bags who suck. Kiss was a group chop-full of douche bags yet they still manage to sell records.

  3. kanibal Avatar

    It’s not just because they’re douche bags. It’s true they all are, but it’s mainly (I think atleast) because they’re douche bags who aren’t good. Gene Simmons is the biggest mother fucking douche bag on the god damn planet yet Kiss is one of the best selling bands of all time.

  4. Mat Avatar

    There are definitely douchebags across the entire spectrum of art and business, who manage to succeed.

    What matters is not that you’re a douchebag, what matters is that you fill some need in the market. So apparently there is some demand for douchey-ness out there?

  5. derrick Avatar

    Rap sales might be declining, but at the same time it’s increasing just on other media. For example, today we’re seeing artists profit off ringtones which would’ve been unheard of 6 years ago. More importantly, hip-hop has a heighten presence in the digital entertainment market. Games like Def Jam: Icon and are gaining more popularity and public acceptance. As for album sales though…who knows what the future for hip-hop is

  6. Malgorzata Avatar

    well, perhaps the fact thay they all start to sound pretty much the same may have something to do with tehir record sales on the downfall? I am a fan of hip-hop (or at least I ahve been so far) but must agree hip-hop is not what it used to be… Too much bling? Go figure…

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