Gay lovers

Here’s Hugh McGuire (of Librivox) and me on a boat at PAB2007. It’s a great pic, even though we look like a gay couple. 🙂






13 responses to “Gay lovers”

  1. Rob McDougall Avatar

    “Oh hugh! Shut up!”

    Jokes 😛

  2. Dave Delaney Avatar

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
    Hey check out this sweet shot:

    Is Arthur Masters and Tod Maffin the same person?

  3. Dave Avatar

    It doesn’t help that the photo makes Hugh look like Scott Thompson.

  4. Steven Mansour Avatar

    You guys just look happy.

  5. Linda Avatar

    This is such old news… We know you smile fairly easily; I’m just happy to see that Hugh looks like he’s having a good time! -L.

  6. Vergel Avatar

    I believe the term is Metrosexual: as in, there’s nothing gay about to fashionable men having a drink by the water looking like they should be in some sorta Abacrombie & Fitch ad.

    or maybe….. Brokeback-podcast?

  7. hugh Avatar

    the worst part is that i look like some old rich guy in a safari suit, and julien looks like some punk kid i just picked up in square st-louis.

    or, maybe steve has it right.

  8. Vero.b Avatar

    I love this picture! Tellement web 2.0 et sans frontière 😉

  9. Ella Avatar

    very twinky. All you need is a pomeranean and the picture would be complete

  10. John Meadows Avatar

    As the photographer, I’m glad you like the picture Julien!

  11. anthony Avatar

    looking for someone to hold a night. someone i can spend time with and get to know a personal level.

  12. saint Avatar

    i would wish to hook up with one gay. kindly am a kenyan aged 21

  13. mutu_curious Avatar

    i want a serious lover, not a foolish one

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