For a site that’s basically the centre of our existence

… the iTunes Store sure is down a lot.





4 responses to “For a site that’s basically the centre of our existence”

  1. vanou Avatar

    especially on my day off!

  2. Ella Avatar

    dude, what’s up with the font? it’s huge!!!

  3. Andrew Avatar

    Yeah, I’ll pretend that you take the ethical high-ground and pay for music, too.

  4. Carl Mercier Avatar

    When’s the last time you bought a CD? I don’t recall buying one in ages! These little babies are now obsolete I’m afraid.

    Oh yeah… actually, I bought one from Amazon about 3 months ago. I needed to add a 5$ item to get free shipping. Paying for shipping would’ve been around 7$. So I bought this nice Eric Clapton CD for about 6$. Free CD, and saved 1$ 😉

    Btw, I never listened to the CD, I just ripped it into iTunes!

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