Required Skills

In Quebec everyone needs to speak French– so when an ad for a job appears, it says “French skills required.” It’s a given.

Those that move to Toronto, though, something happens to them. Suddenly, everyone goes “this guy’s French is AMAZING! We have to hire this guy!”

You’ve become the specialist.

New Media is like Quebec. You need to know it all– do the Twitter, the Facebook, the blogging, the videos– all of those, just to swim. But when you finally get out, and see the world, they love you. 🙂

If you just want to be a podcaster, forever, you’re playing the wrong game. Nobody cares here. Be a podcaster, then get the hell out, and watch what happens. Show the world what you can do– you’ll be amazed at the results.





4 responses to “Required Skills”

  1. Bob Goyetche Avatar

    Wow! a Brogan-Smith 1-2 punch on a monday morning. Just what I needed!

    You really couldn’t have made the context any clearer

  2. DHP Avatar

    No parlo Franchie. But then again, I’m an American and as far as I know, you socialists are all a buncha weirdos. I have no need to learn new skills. I have no need for help from the outside world. I eat meat. 😉

  3. Carl Mercier Avatar

    I’m actually surprised that people from Toronto care about somebody’s French. I would’ve assumed the opposite.

  4. Shameka Mitchell Avatar
    Shameka Mitchell

    I like

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