RSS Swap – Results

I’ve swapped RSS feeds with John Dyer, a reader of this blog. So this week, I’m reading his RSS feeds instead of mine. It’s really confusing.

I’ll tell you what it does do– it sends me straight to the content I can’t miss– and I find myself knowing exactly what those are.

Eric Rice, Chris Brogan, and Aaron Wall are the people I’ve visited most often. All three are personality based blogs that comment on web or new media issues.

If you haven’t tried something like this, you should consider it– it’s like being in house fire, you immediately run for the stuff that’s most important to you. 🙂





2 responses to “RSS Swap – Results”

  1. Rob McDougall Avatar

    oops, i forgot to email you my stuff.

    it does sound interesting though. maybe i’ll do it with someone else!

    are you still podcasting then?

  2. Chris Brogan... Avatar

    Wow. I’m in the holy trinity? Who knew?

    If I make a big poop today, I will name it Julien.

    I love you.

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